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4 Pro Tips to Creating a Custom, Cool T-Shirt Design

To create a cool t-shirt design, you have to have a good sense of color, pattern, and what goes well together.

Making a design that hasn't been done before is incredibly difficult to do. You have to bring your creative A-game to the table, but there's no harm in getting some tips from the pros. 

In this post, we're going to give you 4 pro tips on how to create a cool and original t-shirt design. Great t-shirts are a staple of fashion, so whether you're making them for yourself, or starting a fashion line, you've got to get the design right.

4 Pro Tips to Creating a Custom, Cool T-Shirt Design

1. Let Your Ideas Sit Before Committing

A lot of first-time t-shirt designers get really excited about an idea and start production right away. If you don't let your ideas marinate for a few days, then you're inevitably going to run into problems. 

Like anything creative, you have to give ideas room to breathe so you can find out if you really like them. A good t-shirt idea requires some extra thought before going to print.

2. The Simpler the Better

It's rare that a busy design actually translates well on a t-shirt. You might have a gorgeous design from a really great artist, but there are a lot of nuances that you simply can't capture on t-shirt fabric. 

Stick to simpler concepts and only let the loud and proud designs win out when it's undeniably good. The best classic t-shirt designs abide by this philosophy and you should too if you're going to create the next great tee.

3. Color and Composition

Color and composition are two of the most important design elements of a t-shirt. It's crucial to remember that the more complicated and colorful a t-shirt is, the more expensive it's going to be to produce. Revisit the concept of keeping it simple and realize that you can have a really effective design with just one or two colors.

As far as composition goes, you have to not only picture the design on a t-shirt, but picture the t-shirt on a person as well. This is how you can get a better idea of what works and what doesn't and what you need to change before going to production. In general, keeping everything symmetrical and in the center is good practice. The right equipment will help you get the colors just right, and the composition just so. Many people going into this business are wondering what are UV DTF transfers and they quickly learn how much these devices can help them refine their t-shirt designs. Further, for a truly custom feel, don't be afraid to experiment with different types of fabric and printing techniques.

4. Who's It For

Considering who you're creating the t-shirt for will help inform most of your decisions moving forward. If you're trying to design your own poloshirt for your company, then you need to keep it relatively simple. If it's for a child, then you can go a little bit crazier.

Making Your Cool T-Shirt Design Pop

These are just a few tips for making sure that you end up with a cool t-shirt design (diseñar playeras). No matter what the t-shirt is for, it's always better to put a special focus on the design if you're going to make the shirt pop.

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