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4 Must-Try Ways to Get Autograph from Your Favorite Star

Unless you visit Hollywood or other places where famous celebrities hang out, there are little chances that you can get an autograph from your favorite celebrity in person. Nevertheless, there are other ways to do this. All that you need to do is keep your eyes and ears open.

Here are a few ways of getting an autograph from your favorite celebrity:

Attend autograph signings

If you want to meet your favorite celebrity and get his / her autograph signed in person, you may have to attend autograph signings. There will be a fee to attend such events. You will also have to wait for your turn in a long queue. Nevertheless, you can be assured of a high quality autograph of your favorite celebrity.

Attend a book signing

If you find autograph signing very expensive, the next best way to get an autograph signed by your favorite celebrity it to purchase a book written about or by the celebrity and then wait for getting the autograph. You can enjoy an engaged and very authentic encounter with your favorite celebrate and also ask for some advice.

Make the Most out of live music events

Live music events are also placing where you can get autographs from your favorite celebrities. Even if you do have to pay something, it is still worth it as you will be able to catch your favorite celebrity at the best time. If you can buy a VIP package, you might also get some time to spend with your favorite celebrity backstage. You can also get his or her autograph signed.

Crafting an Autograph Request Letter

If you want to get the autograph of your favorite celebrity without leaving home, you can try this method of writing a letter to him or her. Don’t forget to add the personal touch to make the celebrities feel how worthy it is to reply to your letter. Here are a few more things you need to consider, while crafting such a letter:

  • Highlight your knowledge about the celebrity - If you have Googled up the celebrity, it may get easier to appreciate him or her and tell them in which way their careers have influenced you. Pick out a couple of moments from his or her career and make sure you talk about them. 
  • Stick to a standard letter writing format – Have a proper structure in place while written letters to your favorite celebrities. Genuinely appreciate their achievements as well as talents.  If you find anything striking in their favorite work, you can tell them how it has affected you.  Then place a request to get a signed autograph couriered to your door.
  • Send the letter – Once have signed your letter, put it a 9 x 12 envelope and prepare to send it. Make sure you include a 9 X 12 envelope that is self-addressed. As convenient you make it for your favorite celebrity, the more the chances will be of you getting their autograph.

Don’t let them know how far you are ready to wait for them to sing your autograph. There are websites that can get you autographs of celebrities. However, you need to keep trying on these in order to get a positive response.