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3 Ways To Monitor Text Messages

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Keeping track of your kid’s activities has always been a headache for the parents, especially in this modern world where even the toys of them are quite digital. In such an advanced world, if the kids have excess to a smartphone, there’s always a chance that they might misuse its features, which can get them into trouble, one way or the other.

It’s a well-known fact, that teenagers tend to experiment with everything, because of their curious nature, which is fine. The only alarming thing about handing over kids such an accessory is that it has almost no limit and boundaries, and they can do anything with it. This is where the role of parents comes into play to keep track of their kid’s activities, so they won’t indulge in bad habits.

According to some people, it's unethical to spy on kids, as it breaches their privacy, which is fine. But its parents’ responsibility to keep an eye on the kids who can’t decide what’s good and bad for them, until they reach the age of maturity, which is also subjective to some people. Nevertheless, in my opinion, parents should have to keep a check and balance on the whereabouts of the kids.

Tracking your kid’s location is easy, but what about the stuff on smartwatch or smartphone, since it can be deleted on erased, and you won’t even know if they are doing something bad which should be prevented? To answer this, there are some of the techniques present, to track their smart activities, which are given below.

Snapchat Spy apps

Snapchat is a social website that is very popular among kids and teenagers these days. They can post snaps of whatever they want and keep streaks with their friends as well. However, there’s one feature, which makes this app different from others, and that is its disappearing messages. Once you opened the chat to read the text or have seen the pictures/videos, it’ll disappear on its own.

For young kids, this feature might be harmful, since you can’t even open the chats to see what you have been up to, because its all gone, which is why there are spy apps present for Snapchat as well e.g. mSpy which is good at tracking the Snapchat conversations, call history and much more.

For further information and to get this spying app, you can go to the link below.


Smartphone spy apps

Nowadays, these spy apps have gained massive popularity among people, because through these they can track down the private conversation of every type. Ethical or not, these apps are being used by every type of surveillance. Parents can also use these apps to keep an eye on their kid’s activities on their smartphone if he/she is minor.

Geo-fencing/Parental control in smartwatches

If your kid owns a smartwatch, and you want to make sure he/she doesn’t waste time using features of it while in school or coaching center, you can limit their screen time and smartwatch activities from your phone. As the smartwatch works after getting connected to the smartphone’s app unless it’s a standalone smartwatch.

This feature right here can help you in keeping track of it. By FindTheDecision all smartwatches for kids are equipped with the function, Geofencing is a feature through which parents can put an electronic fence around their kids to track the location of them, and if the kid breaches a specific area or the fence set by parents, they’ll be informed.