Dogs Show Affection To Humans
December 10, 2022

17 Surprising Ways Dogs Show Affection To Humans

Dogs Show Affection To Humans

Dog lovers have always wondered, how do dogs show affection? Sure, they're loyal, faithful, and every bit a family member, but how do they show you they love you?

While it is easy for humans to show their affection, understanding doggy language is not that easy, and sometimes, even seasoned dog lovers may misread their pet. 

Although dogs cannot form words to express their love, they do so in several surprising ways. 

If you are looking for signs your dog loves you, here are some of them.

17 Ways Dogs Show Affection 

Do dogs love their owners? Of course, they do, and they have surprising ways to express it. So how do dogs show affection?

Dogs Show Affection To Humans

1. Happy To See You

How do dogs show affection to humans? As soon as you walk through your front door, if you are greeted with licks, a wagging tail, or your dog jumping on you, it is the doggy way of expressing that they missed you and are happy that you are back home. 

2. Holds Eye Contact 

The loving, affectionate eye contact that your dog makes with you is its way of telling you that it loves and trusts you. There are many reasons why your dog stares at you, but this is one of them. 

A study has shown that the interaction between humans and dogs elicits an oxytocin-positive feedback loop that is the same as seen between mothers and infants. 

3. You Are Second Only To Food 

A hungry dog cannot resist a bowl of food, but once the bowl is licked clean, your dog is back for you. You can even give it cabbage treats. Can dogs eat cabbage? Yes, as it is packed with minerals and vitamins. However, feed in moderation.

4. Wants To Sleep Near You

Dogs sleep in packs, keeping their noses up in the air to catch any scent that signals threat. If your dog wants to sleep with you, it means it considers you part of the pack and trusts you. So, congrats! You belong to its inner family circle. 

5. Licks You 

A 2014 study has shown that dogs' MRI scans light up differently for their owner—someone they love. 

Your dog may lick you for many reasons. It may be showing that it cares for you, grooming you, or making you the pack leader, but ultimately, it is all about love and affection. 

6. Nudging You

Dogs often nudge to seek attention when they want something. But if a puppy stare or body contact follows a nudge, it is your dog's way of greeting you with a "Hi" or saying "I love you." 

Dogs Show Affection To Humans

7. Shares Toys With You

While most times, your dog brings you toys to initiate playtime, sometimes, it is just presenting it as a gift to you. It is giving you its most prized possession, so that must answer your query how do dogs show affection and admiration to their humans? 

8. Leans On You 

Although sometimes, leaning means that your dog is anxious or wants to be comforted, leaning is also a way of saying “I love you”. This is especially true for large-breed dogs who are not picked up and cuddled. When your dog comes up to you relaxed and leans its full body weight on you, it is expressing its affection for you. 

9. Rolls Over 

Nothing screams trust more than a dog rolling over and exposing its belly. If your baby asks for belly rubs, it means it loves you and trusts you with anything. 

10. Follows You Around

When your dog defines you as the pack leader, it will follow you around for guidance. Following around also means they miss you in your absence and cannot get enough of your company. So, this answers the question, how do dogs show affection?

11. Checks On You 

If your dog does not constantly follow you around, it does not mean it doesn't love you. Independent dogs will not be at your feet; however, they will check up on you from time to time. So a peek in your room to say "Hi" is its way of expressing love and concern.

A study has found that dogs recognize the emotions of their owner, and when they feel you are down, they will be there for you. 

Dogs Show Affection To Humans

12. Tail Wagging

Dogs communicate a lot through their tails. So, if your dog is happy and excited, you will see its tail doing circular motions at mid-height.

13. Smiles At You 

No, you are not imagining—-your dog just smiled. Like humans, dogs also have many expressions, and some may even learn to pull back their lips and smile. So, if your dog is smiling at you, it is expressing his love.

14. Taking Care Of You 

When your pooch senses that you are weak, sick, or recovering from an injury, it will be extra cuddly. This is its way of taking care of you, the same way it would care for its pack member.

15. Will Learn Your Name

How do dogs show affection towards humans? It is known that dogs learn their names and commands. However, they also learn the names of people very dear to them. So, if your dog knows your name and gets excited on hearing it, you are one of its favorite people, and it loves you. 

16. Brings Broken Toys

Sometimes, your dog will bring its broken toys because it trusts you the most to fix things. It is their way of expressing faith and trust in you for their most prized possession. So, how do dogs show their affection? By trusting you. 

17. Guards You While You Eat

Some dogs are very protective; they will guard you even when there is no real threat. This is because your dog loves you enough to include you in its pack and wants to ensure you are safe.

Dogs Show Affection To Humans


People are often confused by dog behaviors, wondering if they love them. There is no doubt that dogs love you, but they have different ways of showing it. Now you know the 17 most common ways that your dog says it loves you.