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How to wear a tie bar


A tie bar is more functional than fashionable. Learn to wear it in style with these simple tips.

How to wear a tie bar

One often spots blokes committing the sartorial sin of wearing the tie bar either too high or right towards the bottom of their tie. However, it’s not as complicated as you think. 

Follow the basic rule while clipping the tie bar on your shirt and tie: It has to be tied between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt. This nifty accessory doesn't just clip the front end of the tie to the back end, but ties both the ends to the placket of the dress shirt.

Keep these basic things in mind while wearing the tie bar: 

  • Avoid opting for one that is wider than your tie.
  • You could either go for a pinch clasp and a slide clasp. If you like wearing slim ties, then opt for the latter.
  • Fasten the tie bar between the third and the fourth button of your dress shirt.
  • It all lies in the detail. Just before fastening the tie bar, pull your tie upward. This will add a hint of depth and make it more functional. 
  • Wear the tie bar perpendicular to your tie; it shouldn’t be at any other angle. A slant tie bar will look very sloppy.
  • Try one in silver, which will complement most of your sartorial picks. Gold can also bea great idea, as the jewel glint of the metal will light up the ensemble.
  • Most importantly, avoid wearing it with a waistcoat or a cardigan. Do not forget that the purpose of a tie bar is to keep the tie in place. 

This article originally appeared in The Label - How to wear a tie bar