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10 Useful Tips about Wooden Summerhouses and Sheds for Gardens

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More and more people are installing wooden summer houses and sheds for gardens. They become in demand in various parts of the world. While some use wooden materials all throughout, there are also many who opt for stainless steel investment casting materials to add durability to the wooden shed.

The contemporary features and designs of wooden summer houses and garden sheds can make these structures more versatile in its function. In fact, wooden summer houses and garden sheds, when taken cared of properly, can be used all year round and can last for a very long time.

To make sure your wooden summer houses and sheds will last for a long time, here are some 10 useful tips for you:

1. Make the right base

Make sure that you also built a proper base for your shed to stand on. Building it directly on the ground will expose it to dampness and wet. You can use a wooden base for your shed but make sure it pressure-treated to protect it against rotting. 

2. Choose the right location

As much as possible, do not construct your wooden summerhouses or shed in a location where there are trees nearby. Keep in mind that when twigs, branches, and leaves fall from the trees, it could damage your roof or block your gutter and damage your shed.

3. Protection from splashes of water

Water leaks is the worst enemy on wooden summer houses and sheds. Make a layer of gravel surrounding your wooden summer house and sheds to protect it against splashes of water or rainfall.

4. Protection against rot

No matter how robust your woods are, it strength will wane out over time. It is always smart to apply wood preservatives in and out to give it extra protection against fungus and insects. Thus, keeping your wooden shed in tip top condition.

5. Install door hooks

It is important to install door hooks right after you finish setting up your wooden shed. Especially if your shed is located in a windy area. Door hooks will keep your door from opening and getting damage when a strong wind suddenly blows in.

6. Fill the gaps around door and window frames

Check your windows and doors for cracks and gaps especially on its frames. Unattended cracks will give space for water to sip in and encourages the build of fungi; thus, causing damage to your windows and doors. To keep your door and window frames in good condition as well as prevent water from sipping in, fill in the gaps with expanding foam.

7. Give enough ventilation

Proper ventilation is vital to keep your shed cool. During warm weather, the air gets warm and condensation may build up inside your shed if there is not enough ventilation in it. Consider installing ventilation grates to allow air to pass through and keep the cool temperature inside the shed.

8. Regularly clean your gutters

You don’t want dirt and other debris to block the drainage of your gutter right? A blocked gutter will cause direct runoff from your roof during heavy rain, makes the ground wet, and may cause damage to your wooden shed. If you still don’t have a gutter, then install it as soon as possible. You might also like to consider installing a French drain as it is easier to clean and unblock.

9. Consider garden barrier

Surely you wouldn’t use your shed to put all your unused furniture and equipment, right? Summerhouses and sheds are a nice place to stay and relax especially during summer and spring.

And to keep stray animals from visiting your shed and causing damage on it, might as well consider installing a garden barrier. Many shed owners have installed glass garden barrier so they still bath their eyes with the beautiful flowers in their garden while lounging in their shed. Make sure to choose the right and durable glass spigot when installing your garden barrier so it could withstand strong winds.

10. Fill and furnish

So your lovely summerhouse is up and ready. The next thing you would like to do is to furnish it with the necessary furniture. You don’t need to create a mini-house with your shed. You just fill it with furniture based on how you would use it. Having a comfortable seat and small table would be enough if you plan to lounge in it while reading your favourite book. 

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The Bottom Line

Wooden summer houses and garden sheds can be a financially demanding type of projects but they are worth it. They have so much to offer – just make sure to take care of them so you can enjoy them for years to come.