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10 Tips for Planning A Stag Do

If you are planning a stag do, here are our top tips to guide you through the planning process:

1. Consult

The first step is to talk to the stag about the do. Find out exactly what he would like and then ignore it completely - just kidding. Make sure that all his wishes are taken into consideration to ensure a successful event. Many stag do’s take place abroad, a great place to consider is an Albufeira stag do with plenty to do and a great night life.

2. Who to Invite

If your first thought is to contact all his friends on Facebook, give them all the relevant details, and the job is done - it may be time to rethink your strategy. Drawing up an invitation list for a stag do is an exercise that requires a bit more care and attention to prevent a frosty atmosphere at a gathering that should be all about fun. To ensure that the stag has the best time possible, it is important to invite special friends that are close to him as well as those who know how to have a good time and can take everyone along with them.


This is where consultation with the stag is essential. At this time raise the question of whether the stag would like to invite family members and if he wants his dad and in-laws to be involved or not.

3. When?

The key to having a great party without leaving anyone out is to get the invitations into everyone’s diary as soon as possible. Tradition has always dictated that the stag party should be held on the weekend before the wedding. However, depending on the dire plans you have in mind, the stag party may need to be held a little earlier to give the stag time to recover (like growing back an eyebrow!).


Don’t make the date too close to the big day.

4. Where?

Obviously a long-weekend in an exotic place will be great but out of the question if not everyone will be able to afford it. Having the stag do on home-soil will make it possible for as many of his friends and family to attend, even if some may only be able to participate in some of the activities planned for the weekend. Talking to the stag is the best way to determine whether he would like a weekend away, whether abroad or at home, or whether he would like to stick to his home town.


Think about the budget as costs will determine the venue.

5. How Much?

Have options available as each person will have a different budget. It would be a disaster if the best man is unable to attend the stag do because he cannot afford it! A good idea is to offer guests different options so that they can choose the elements they are able to participate in.

6. What To Do?

The options for stag parties nowadays are huge.  Chilled out or action-packed, once you have chosen the venue, find out what is available and if it will fit into the budget.


In all this, don’t lose sight of what the party is all about - the stag having a good time with his friends for the last time as a bachelor! Remember to incorporate his personal likes and dislikes throughout the event.

7. Communicate

Prepare to spend hours communicating with guests. You will need to send an invitation to everyone on the guest list with details of the date, cost, location, itinerary, and any other important details. Then wait for all the questions and requests for more details that are bound to flood in. Make sure you reply promptly to each one.


Always insist on receiving an RSVP from everyone by the set date.

8. Deposits

Ensure that all deposits are collected in time to place bookings.

9. Make Bookings

Ensure that bookings are made well in advance and deposits sent. Insist on confirmation with all details such as transport, activities, entertainment, and catering required.


10. Guest Confirmation

Email all guests confirming the arrangements and outlining all relevant details such as where to meet, at what time, what to pack and what to wear at different times. Inform them how much they still owe and send confirmation when you receive payment.


After all the planning, make sure that you enjoy the event along with everyone else.