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10 Simple Gifts to Give Your Loved One

10 Simple Gifts to Give Your Loved One

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Once in a while, it is nice to gift your loved ones and remind them of how much you love them. It is a nice gesture that shows them how much you appreciate them. There are several ideas you can exploit when thinking about gifting someone. This post highlights some of the simplest ways to do so. Let’s dive in. Also, it is worth checking on Oh Dier Gifts if you want to dig into some unique gift options for your special someone, friend, or family.

1. Flowers

10 Simple Gifts to Give Your Loved One 

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Over the years, people have been using flowers to showcase their love to people. From the simplest flowers to the classy ones, they all represent different forms of love. Roses are the main flowers that represent love, although it is okay to gift someone their favourite flowers. Other types of flowers include daisies, lilies, orchids, peach roses, tulips, etc. Order a unique arrangement and present it with a note of sweet words.

2. Perfume 

10 Simple Gifts to Give Your Loved One 

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Do you know your loved one favourite perfume? Buying them their favourite perfume is a classical show of love. Buy their signature scent and package it in a lovely perfume gift box to surprise them on their big day or any regular day. You can also wrap the gift beautifully and send it to them with a note. Buying someone their perfume is the ultimate show of love that words cannot express.

3. Photo Collage

10 Simple Gifts to Give Your Loved One 

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If there is one thing that will bring memories back is photos. Collect a sample of various pictures from different times in your life and create a collage. These photos can represent a significant period in your life, such as the day you met, anniversaries, birthdays, and so on. Use a pattern to place the photos, such as the symbol of love or a word. There is no better way of reminding your loved one of the special times you spent together.

4. An Engraved Jewelry

10 Simple Gifts to Give Your Loved One 

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The thought of action matters more than the action itself. It is very accurate, especially when buying gifts for loved ones. Buying jewellery doesn’t have to be expensive to be appreciated. Find something that your loved one would like, such as earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc., and engrave it with a sweet message that will melt their heart. It is a simple but efficient way of gifting someone. Contact FBA sourcing services to get the best deal when it comes to jewellery suppliers.

5. Board Games

10 Simple Gifts to Give Your Loved One 

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Board games are usually exciting, and you can play with friends and family on game nights or just randomly. Buying someone their favourite board game will make them happy. There are several board games such as chess, monopoly, dominos, ludo, scrabble, etc. These games come in handy, especially during those nights with blackouts or when you have nothing interesting to do.

6. Cosmetic Bag

 10 Simple Gifts to Give Your Loved One

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Another simple gift idea is a cosmetic bag. Having a cosmetic bag can ease the problem of searching for your cosmetics, especially when in a hurry. You can keep cosmetics such as makeup, facial products, hair products, nail polish, and soaps well in a bag. A leather cosmetic bag is an excellent example of a gift that has a long life span, and your loved one will use it for a while before it becomes damaged.

7. Buy Them a Ticket to Their Favorite Game/Movie

10 Simple Gifts to Give Your Loved One 

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The best type of gift you can give someone is experience. Making your loved ones experience something they have been longing for will surpass almost all the gifts they have ever received. Obtaining a ticket to their favourite game, movie, play, or concert will elevate their moods. You can buy a ticket for two, so they get to enjoy the experience with someone, might be you or not. It is among the simplest ways of gifting someone yet has a considerable impact on their life.

8. Write Them a Song/Poem

10 Simple Gifts to Give Your Loved One 

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If you are a writer, then this is the best present to give someone. Writing them a song or a poem describing how they mean to you is the most intimate gift ever. It is a gift perfect for a couple, although you can also gift it to your parents, children, or friends. Poems and songs are very thoughtful and will remain engraved in someone’s heart for eternity. You can also make the piece funny to lighten their mood.

9. A Book

10 Simple Gifts to Give Your Loved One

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Many people like reading various types of books to acquire knowledge or pass the time. Suppose your loved one enjoys reading, what better way to gift them than buying them a book from their favourite writer. Make sure you know which books they have already read so as not to buy one. You can research the most recent bestselling novels from their preferred writers and select one or two books for them.

10. A Recipe

10 Simple Gifts to Give Your Loved One

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If your friend loves a particular meal you cook, you can gift them the recipe. Some families have secret family recipes passed from generation to generation. Writing down the recipe and giving it to them shows how much you love them and consider them family. Buy a nice notebook and write the recipe step by step.


Deciding what gift to buy someone can be tricky, but if you know this person well enough, it will make your work easier. Gifting your loved ones from time to time is a habit that everyone should build. It is a way of spreading love. One thing to remember while gifting people is to wrap the gifts well in an attractive way. It shows the effort you put into the gesture.

10 Simple Gifts to Give Your Loved One