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10 Home Decorations To Follow For Christmas

Waiting for holidays is the best time of the year. As we approach the festive season, we also have Christmas, which is probably one of the most anticipated days for kids. When gearing up for the holiday season, it's essential that you get your decor game right! Decorator's Warehouse offers premium Christmas decorations suited to every style and budget!

You need to deck your house with the right decorations, bring the holiday spirit to life, and set the festive mood in and around your home. To surprise your children, make sure to buy them costumes and decorate your house to have that festive theme.

Whether you live in a small urban apartment or a big country home, or whether you have budget limitations, there always will be something for you out there. And because we understand how important holidays are to you, we’ve got you covered with these 10 home decoration tips. 

1. Make your kitchen bright and cheery

For Christmas, some pops of wreaths with Christmas themes placed strategically above the windows will get your kitchen looking cheerful, lively, and fresh. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, a few decoration tricks will be a game-changer when you’re trying to capture the holiday spirit.

You can, for example, install picture lights around the kitchen so that they can illuminate all your kitchen art collection of Christmas art and at the same time shine sufficient light around the kitchen.

Other kitchen décor ideas include velvet ribbons around the workspaces as well as festive curtains and tablecloths. If you’d like to put emphasis on your decorations you have to make sure that your kitchen is organized otherwise! If you’re lacking adequate storage for your kitchen items, you can get some ready-to-assemble cabinets that are built to have sufficient space for many items that you don’t want around.

2. String up some outdoor fairy lights

Having colored lights helps you set the festive mood across the neighborhood. You aren’t limited as to how many of these lights you can install or places to install them.

Go ahead and throw some on the roof, wrap some around the fence, have some hanging from a tree, or even add a few on the door and front porch. You can also have some string lights around the garden to give your yard a Christmasy look.

These glorious lights will get every neighbor to admire your home. And bearing in mind that it is effortless and highly affordable to get this done, you don’t have any reasons not to crack this whole holiday decorating thing. 

3. Go bold with the colors

You don’t have to limit yourself to colors. Take a step further and be creative with the colors. Green, white, and red are usually the go-to colors to embody with your decorations, but you don’t have to stop there, you can use various color palettes that still capture the holiday spirit. All you need to do is leave it up to your creativity, and the only limit is your own imagination. 

You can also decide to go with paper craft decorations(they come in   a variety of colors).Paper craft is a DIY (do it yourself) kind of art which is concerned with the art of making crafts out of paper. It is usually simple to make and needs some basic tools. What’s more, it can be made easily by anyone at home. Generally speaking, there are mainly two ways to make paper crafts: free paper cutting and folding. Then you will have your own paper craft decorations.

In fact, papercraft decorations can be used for many occasions. They can be used as home decorations, such as wall stickers, wall hangings, table centerpieces and so on. If you want to save money and get original products, try making your own decorations in your spare time. Home decoration with paper craft won’t disappoint you!

4. Go big with the mantle

Ensure that your mantle is popping with color by decorating it with green plants, golden ornaments, and red ribbons. Give your indoor walls a festive look by matching their overall décor with the garland accessories.

The wall art, paint, and the fabric around the mantle need to glow with color. If you don’t have a real mantle, acquire some command hooks, and use them to install a garland where the mantle would ideally be.

5. Stick a wreath on the table

If you have more than one wreath, you can have one at the door and another on the table. But if you only have one, whip it off the door as soon as the guests are in the house and place it on a table. That done, light the space around the wreath with lanterns filled with LED twinkle lights.

6. Try some purple

Purple is a softer, cooler alternative to red. If you want to take a departure from the traditional colors, just put some purple flowers in a silver julep cup and place them in a strategic position in your living room.

7. Change your cushions

For that extra glam during this festive season, ensure that your pillows, wrappings, and stockings are generous with color. While at it, ensure that all the cushions around the house are comfortable and festive. 

8. And then some green plants

Colorful lights are not enough to bring a festive mood into your house. Bring in some foliage from your own garden or if you don’t have a garden, get some free sprigs or trimmings when you go shopping. With a little more lighting around them, the foliage will have an unimaginable effect around your banisters, wall art, and pictures.


Festive days such as Christmas are without a doubt the most wonderful days of the year. This is not the time to give your home a flat décor using dusty mittens and boxes. Use the 10 tips above to add festive details to your home without breaking your back- or bank.

It’s also worth mentioning that before you start decorating your home, you have to make sure you give it a deep clean. You can do this by yourself with your family giving you a hand, or leave it to the professionals.

10 Home Decorations To Follow For Christmas

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