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Yellow Tint — The Quirkiest of Andarine Side Effects

Yeah, I have heard that red veils can get in my eyes when I`m mad, but yellow? What is going on here? Hold your horses, buddy, we are going to explain everything to you, starting from what SARM is to Andarine Side Effects and much more.

What is Andarine

Let's start from scratch. What is Andarine? Well, it is definitely not a steroid type, it derives from SARMS. SARMs in turn are selective androgen receptor modulators. The principle of their action is binding with an androgen receptor, which is, in turn, the homeland of Testosterone in your body. Andarine aka S-40503 or just S4 was originally designed to treat muscle waste and osteoporosis.

Andarine was studied on animals and was considered a perfect SARM due to the fact that it is oral, has quick half life, and great anabolic properties (like bone-building and muscle growing effects). We know that you can be a lion, king of animals, a lonely wolf, etc. still, you can`t safely use Andarine because it has not been properly tested on humans, the trials are still going on.

SARMs DO NOT act on the pituitary gland, prostate, sex glands and hair follicles, which eliminates the risk of developing complications inherent in anabolic steroids. By activating androgen receptors in muscles, Andarin induces protein synthesis, accelerates glycogen compensation, slows down and stops catabolic processes. Enhances the utilization of fatty acids in oxidative reactions. Increases bone mineralization, increases the strength resource of ligaments, joints, tendons.

Let's imagine that you have decided to give it a try. What will you get and how much does it cost? Let's see. Main Andarine benefits are fat loss, muscle growth, bone hardening, increased power and energy boost. But that is if we want to keep it short. If we want to learn more details let's dive deeper into the theme. A scientific study published in 2005 examined the effects of Andarine S4 on the skeletal muscle, bone, and pituitary gland of castrated male rats.

12 weeks after castration, animals were treated with Andarine (3 or 10 mg / kg) and with dihydrotestosterone (DHT) (3 mg / kg) for 8 weeks. Andarine treatment  caused a significantly greater increase in total body bone mineral density than DHT. It also showed agonist activity in the pituitary glands and significantly reduced plasma LH and FSH levels in castrated animals in a dose-dependent manner.

Thus, the strong anabolic effects of Andarine S4 in skeletal muscle, bone and pituitary gland were achieved with minimal pharmacological effect in the prostate gland. As it was originally made to cure osteoporosis, Andarine has a significant impact on muscle tissue. It makes it not only bigger, but also harder and gives you a shredded look. But everything comes with a price. In return you may receive liver damage, heart attack, stroke (in most severe cases), as well as `standart side effects` like alopecia, testosterone suppression and some cholesterol issues. Not convinced yet? Well, cherry on top is vision effects.  

What kind of vision effects you may wonder? Andarine Side Effects can be very tricky. Well, the most common is yellow tint. It's like you're on an eye care regime the whole time. Some people say it could also cause the appearance of black dots or severe light adjustment issues like you`re a Dracula calmly sleeping for 100 years in the dark and you occasionally open your eyes during daylight. But why does it happen?

It's because Andarine also connects with receptors in the retina and only with androgen receptors. How long could it last? Well, it depends on personal reaction on Andarine, its dosage through the  cycle, stack and a lot of other things. Some people recommend to lower the dosage or stop using Andarine for some time completely. In this way, yellow vision will vanish from your life naturally after ceasing the cycle.

The last question is, is it chronic? No, don`t worry, you will return to your normal -4 sight in no time. Andarine has a great advantage - it`s oral and has a very fast half life, nearly 6 hours. So it easily disappears from your body, leaving only a slightly uncomfortable feeling like you`ve lost something. It's your testosterone, but it hasn't gone completely, just reduced. So, it will restore after several weeks naturally, you don't even need post cycle therapy for it.


As we have learnt today, SARMs are slightly better than AAS but still they have their peculiarities, like weird yellow vision regime issues and hair losing effect. You probably already understood that SARMs and steroids are a beautiful new world for people, who love sport and want to achieve results or look stunning, but this world is also dangerous. The one responsible for your health is you alone. So, it's crucial to contact your doctor, stay on a diet and still do exercises.