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Why Good Oral Care Is Good Self Care

General health education is a subject that deals with our general state of health and teaches us how we can maintain good health status. But while most people concern themselves with learning a healthy way of life, others do not take this subject as seriously as they should. Well, staying healthy is crucial, and failure to maintain good and healthy practices can be detrimental to any person.

Some people enjoy stable health without putting in much effort, but it is not the same for most people who are not as lucky. For these people, staying healthy requires regular, deliberate attempts and efforts to ensure that each body organ is well cared for.

The human body is made up of different parts and systems that function almost independently, but each organ and system is necessary if the body is to remain efficiently functional. However, some of these systems are often afforded much more care than others because the entire body tends to be affected more if they get bad or damaged. These systems and organs are critical organs or are crucially interconnected to other essential body parts. 

The oral system is singled out as one of these critical systems. It is said to affect the performance of other body parts hugely, such that it can significantly affect other body organs if it goes bad. This article will show the connection between the oral and other body systems and how good oral health facilitates good self-care. Read on for more interesting information.

What Is The Oral Health?

The oral system simply refers to the mouth and its constituents, including the teeth, tongue, cavities, gums, and other surrounding tissues. Experts from The Smilist Dental in Hicksville have referred to the mouth as a very important part of the body. They also added that it is not just because it is the first organ in the digestive system, but that the functions are quite many. As such, it is quite crucial to the body.

Oral health has to do with the health status of the mouth and all its parts. The fact that the mouth is very delicate and sensitive makes the topic of oral health more crucial. Thereby demanding regular attention and deliberate efforts to keep each part of the mouth healthy.

The Mouth As An Essential System Of The Body

Many of us will be surprised to hear that the mouth carries way too much importance than we know, and the concept of oral health affecting the general body may seem strange. But it is indeed a proven fact that several oral diseases can lead to life-threatening illnesses. Here’s how.

Firstly, the mouth is a part of the digestive system and the first one at that. This means that virtually every food that goes into our system has to go through the mouth first. Therefore, an infection in the mouth can affect food intake, which is necessary for good health. Several oral bacteria and diseases can also contaminate the food ingested because the mouth is the entry point. Hence, making such food particles unhealthy for the body. But caring for your mouth by brushing daily can help eliminate these bacteria and the risks associated with them.

It is also believed that the oral system is somehow connected to the heart, thereby linking some heart diseases to poor oral hygiene. Although this fact has not been fully established, bacteria in the mouth have been the cause of several cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, stroke, and clogged arteries in past times. They may not be directly linked, but the infections and inflammations resulting from the bacteria are responsible for most of these diseases.

Other severe health complications have also been linked to oral health, including pregnancy and child delivery complications and breathing difficulties. Periodontitis, a gum infection that damages the gums and jawbones, leads to premature birth and poor childbirth. At the same time, certain bacteria can affect the tongue and cause pneumonia.


The sicknesses and infections mentioned above are all severe and life-threatening and can be triggered by oral infections. But lucky enough, they can be prevented by observing regular mouth care. Here are some expert tips on how to adequately care for your mouth.

  • Use fluoride toothpaste and a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth and tongue at least twice daily.
  • Eat only healthy meals and avoid too much intake of sugary substances.
  • Remove dirt and food particles that stick between your teeth by flossing daily.
  • Avoid regular use of tobacco, alcohol, and energy drinks that can damage your teeth.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for professional check-ups.