What You Need To Look for During an Epic EMR Demo
March 03, 2022

What You Need To Look for During an Epic EMR Demo


Epic EMR Software

Epic Software is an electronic health records (EHR) solution for large hospitals and care facilities that have been certified by Epic Organizations for Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2. EpicCare was built, implemented, and managed by internal staff. Among the components are dashboards that combine and display clinical and financial statistics, as well as changeable themes. Epic EMR System also has a client portal and e-prescribing features as part of the Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements. The program also has mobile and tablet functions, as well as telemedicine facilities that allow doctors to communicate with patients through video. EpicCare EMR System is a user-friendly interface that lets people see health information, communicate with doctors, schedule appointments, and maintain their medical records.

Clinics may optimize their operations by using Epic EMR Software's configurable displays, dashboards, and dedicated programs. The financial portion of the software allows clinics to keep track of payments, bills, and invoices. The Epic System app is a mobile-friendly solution that lets physicians and patients obtain data from their smartphones and tablets. The healthcare sector has improved considerably in just a few decades as a result of technological innovations. This means that institutions can now handle large amounts of data more quickly and efficiently.

Now that you know a little bit about Epic EMR Software. Let’s move forward and talk about Epic EMR features you need to look for during the demo. However, before that let’s understand why there is a need to schedule an Epic EMR demo.

Why schedule an Epic EMR Demo?

The reason for this is because of the advantages you can gain by participating in this activity. A sample tutorial allows you to view what you'll receive if you invest in a certain EMR solution. You could think the program is the best decision for you based on its characteristics, but it could be infectious for you in real-time.

Some are too difficult to operate, which obstructs progress. There are several issues with EHR systems that were shown during the demonstration. For example, you'll be able to see if the program you're considering has user-friendly features. It will take away all your concerns if you see for yourself what you are getting into before investing.

You might look at it as an opportunity to confirm that the software you've chosen, in this case, Epic EMR, fulfils your needs. And there's no excuse why you shouldn't. Furthermore, it will not cost you anything because most EMR software, like Epic, provides a free sample. So it would be beneficial if you take a chance, since watching a short video won't take up much of your time but would pay off in the long term.

Top Features of Epic EHR Software

Integrated Revenue Management Solutions

This vendor's most important tool is revenue cycle management, which you should not miss. Epic Care has a robust revenue cycle in place to handle the financial burden. It eases the stress on clinical personnel by expediting the processing of invoices and claims. This element works in tandem with the EHR system to increase processing speed while maintaining accuracy.

The way clinical practices manage their income is the key to their success. And, because it secures your payments, Epic EMR system is the best approach to boost clinical profitability. It has a revenue cycle that is completely open. It will help with your financial judgments and assist you to grow at a constant rate by boosting clients' financial experience.

Client Portal

It's a popular Epic Care EMR system function that you may try out for free. This patient-centered solution understands how important patient happiness is to you and goes above and beyond to assist you in engaging your patients. It offers patients access to MyChart, a unique patient portal that keeps them informed.

Clients can use it to make appointments, access their medical data, current treatment regimens, participate in e-visits, and complete surveys. Providing patients with individualized teaching materials also helps to close the care gap. They can also easily converse with you, which leads to a better patient experience.


The telehealth solution is currently the most in-demand product among doctors. This is the best tool for keeping professionals up to speed on their clients' situations and preventing any potential harm. This useful feature is included in the Epic EMR software demo to show people what it can do for them. Patient monitoring, continuing health care, and peer-to-peer discussions are all available.

You could not only communicate with your clients over the internet, but you can also provide prescriptions and tests to them. Additionally, it enables you to access clinical reports and prior information of your clients during virtual encounters for a better treatment result. Epic EMR software's features will allow you to increase your customer base beyond geographic boundaries.


Because all data should be exchanged for improved collaboration and, as an outcome, a higher chance of therapy, interoperability is a critical feature of modern medicine. Epic Systems is the first company to achieve substantial advancements in worldwide patient data interchange and interoperability. Epic EMR's interoperability feature enables you to exchange and access data with other EMR software clients. This assists in the speedier diagnosis of individuals, among many other things!

Epic EMR Pricing

No pricing information is provided by the seller. You can contact the seller to find out the exact Epic EMR price. It's not uncomplicated; simply submit a request for price packages, and the specialists will respond promptly. According to user ratings, Epic EMR pricing is $1200 for small practices and about $50000 for huge corporations.

Last Few Words!

We recommend contacting the company to arrange an Epic EMR Product demo before purchasing the system. The demo will walk you through the software's capabilities in a real-time clinical setting, allowing you to learn more about it. You could also read Epic EMR reviews to get a better understanding of the system from existing customers.