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What Makes A Good Hair Transplant Surgeon?

The image has become a paramount aspect both in men and women across all ages. Unfortunately, hair loss hits the hardest, stealing an enormous amount of confidence among its victims.

Reasons such as aging, hormonal changes, and genetics subject people to suffer from hair loss in various degrees. This condition leaves us seeking the services of a specialist.

When searching for a hair loss surgeon, it is essential to understand your problem, and what you expect to achieve after the surgery. Your choice of a hair transplant surgeon will have a direct impact on the results expected after the hair restoration process.

The Aesthetic Surgery Center guides us on what to look out for when looking for a hair restoration specialist. Without expert guidance, you are likely to come across frustrations pushing you to give up on the search for a reliable and excellent hair transplant surgeon.

They are board-certified

Since hair transplant surgery is often regarded as a minimally invasive procedure that quacks can learn through an apprenticeship, it is crucial to decide who works on your scalp carefully. According to statistics, hair transplant procedures are rapidly attracting interested parties, creating a loophole for quacks to step in and provide these hair restoration surgeries.

It is essential to check if your prospective hair transplant surgeons are members of a board and have the necessary certification and licenses from the board. Being a member of a professional board confirms that they have been tested and proven capable of carrying out the procedure.

They must have attained the statutory education

What is your potential surgeon's educational background? You should ensure that the surgeon has gone through the necessary years required to attain a medical degree and additional specialization in hair transplant surgeries.

A confident and qualified hair transplant surgeon will present his or her school certificates for confirmation that you are dealing with a professional.

The risks associated with any surgery are always minimized by choosing a well-trained specialist. Choose a well-trained and knowledgeable surgeon for your delicate needs.

The more the years of experience, the better the specialist

It's a general rule in any industry; the more years of experience, the better you become. It is mandatory that you inquire from your intended specialist the years he or she has been practicing, and the number of similar cases they have worked on previously.

When looking for years of experience, it is vital to inquire about their track record. Your potential surgeon has an adequate and satisfactory number of years in the hair restoration business, but what's the success rate? Don't shy to ask for clientele references and the surgeon's success rate records.

They should not force you into surgery

Due to hair loss management's monetary aspect, unprofessional surgeons may be inclined to focus on the business section of hair transplant surgeries. Opting for surgery should be a personal decision, and should not be forced on you.

Professional specialists are supposed to place the options available on the table, how the procedure will be carried out, and the risks and success rate of previous similar cases. The patient would then be left to decide after being informed on what they are getting themselves into.

Professional accreditation

There are many bodies with which hair transplant surgeons can be a part of. Being a member of more than one accreditation body means the surgeon does not only carry out hair transplant surgeries, but they have experience in other specialties too.

These professional bodies usually have some certification, which the surgeon should be willing to put to the public. It also shows surgeons' dedication to staying informed about the latest techniques in the industry and providing the best for their patients.

They should have before and after photos of previous procedures

Photographic evidence of previous success is very important. These photos act as evidence that the doctor has dealt with similar cases like yours, which resulted in the ‘after’ photos. This will help you make a good judgment on their abilities and skills.

Should be comfortable working with the latest technology

Hair replacement is quite surgical, meaning there will be the use of various technological equipment. An ideal surgeon should be comfortable enough and well conversant with the various new additions into the field of surgery since a little mishap can cause irreversible harm. The hospital the surgeon works in should also have the latest and most efficient equipment for carrying out the procedure.

In the case your surgeon is not experienced in the hands-on operation of the equipment, they should have a senior and more experienced professional in the operating room.

They must be friendly

Hair transplant surgery is a procedure that seeks to address more of the psychological aspect of a human being. Therefore, it is necessary to have a surgeon who understands your need to have the procedure, and they must be supportive. After visiting them for consultation, you should have a feeling of comfort around them, and communication should not be forced.

In the case of follow up questions after the consultation, the surgeon should be available on the phone to answer various questions that may have been overlooked.

The question of who is the best hair replacement surgeon has been in people’s minds for many years. It is important to note that a good surgeon should be willing to open up about both the positives and negatives of the procedure.