What Is The Difference Between A Dentist And A Cosmetic Dentist?
May 03, 2021

What Is The Difference Between A Dentist And A Cosmetic Dentist?

Several individuals are practicing the same profession yet differ in their specialization. And most people might not know that a cosmetic dentistry career even exists!

Upon looking up the "Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles" in your search bar, you might have wind up interchanging a general dentist and the cosmetic dentist.

Know that even if they passed the same board exam, their background and job descriptions have considerable differences—one that you ought to know to get the best oral care possible.

Cosmetic Dentist

Is a cosmetic dentist the same as your regular dentist?

From their titles alone, you'll get the idea that they practice their profession that's different from each other. But to further explain their uniqueness, it's good to remember that the training for general dentistry varies from cosmetic dentistry.

This is because the offered treatments of cosmetic dentists are an unexplored area for the general ones. Along with this, their patients require different expertise when booking appointments.

You can't depend on a cosmetic dentist alone to treat your root canal since your regular dentists typically provide this service. Instead, it's in your best interest that you approach a cosmetic dentist if you want to improve your teeth' appearance. Rather than set the expectation that they're as able as regular dentists in solving a severe dental problem.

When should I contact a general dentist?

As you grow older, your teeth become weaker, so you might have to visit a dentist more than once a year to fix the issue.

General dentists are specializing in providing services about fillings, dentures, and dental implants.

Although fillings are a quick remedy for a damaged root canal, a permanent filling may not be sufficient. In this case, your dentist in Halifax might recommend dental implants as a secondary measure.

Unlike the first one, dental implants can stimulate the bone and appear natural while making your teeth stronger than before.

However, when the two options are not viable for you, the general dentist is free to persuade you to use dentures.

Usually, this kind of option is common for older adults who already lost more than half of their teeth. Yet, some younger individuals still struggle with the same problem, and the said dentures are their only choice.

The dentures are customized, so they would mimic the look of your natural teeth and give you the confidence to share your brightest smile.

What is the expertise of cosmetic dentists?

From the term "cosmetic," you could get the thought that their primary focus is on the image of your teeth, rather than applying preventive measures like how general dentists do.

Since people tend to get conscious of their smiles, a cosmetic dentist could advise them to avail of various services like getting porcelain veneers, dental crowns, or undergoing a teeth whitening treatment.

Many celebrities often set an appointment with cosmetic dentists to achieve that infamous Hollywood smile that many celebrities have. And if you're one of those, porcelain veneers are the key to reach your goal.

The porcelain veneers are shells that are as thin as a wafer. They are the best choice if you want to have natural-looking teeth since these veneers are known for complimenting your real teeth using their light-reflecting properties.

Meanwhile, you might want to consider having a discussion with your dentist about dental crowns if you'd like to protect your damaged tooth by putting a "cap" over it to hide the signs of discoloration.

In case you're not fond of this idea, or there was no necessity to proceed with the procedure, a teeth whitening treatment might be up to your taste.

With this, a cosmetic dentist would remove those stubborn yellow stains in your teeth to allow those pearly whites to shine through.

Even though yellow stains are normal and are a sign of healthy teeth, assuming that you have excellent oral care habits, it won't hurt to get those white teeth you constantly see on television.