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Understanding Dental Work: Why Turkish Dental Specialists Are a Top Choice

Dive into the world of dental procedures in Turkey and discover why many choose Turkish dental experts for quality and affordability.

Dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular around the world and Turkey is one of the leading medical tourism destinations. But how expensive dental work in Turkey really is?

Why Consider Dental Work in Turkey?

Dental tourism in Turkey started to develop several decades ago and continues to progress rapidly.  Since the 1990s, Turkish dental clinics began to actively modernize, introduce advanced technology and train highly qualified professionals. This has improved the quality of dental services and attracted the attention of foreign patients looking for affordable and quality treatment abroad. Now Turkey has become one of the dental tourism leaders, attracting 150,000 to 250,000 foreign patients every year, according to the Turkish Dental Association.

Types of Dental Procedures Available

Here are the common dental procedures available in Turkey:

  • Preventive procedures: this includes professional oral hygiene, removal of dental deposits, tooth polishing, etc.
  • Treatment of tooth decay: This includes removal of damaged tooth tissue and filling.
  • Crowns and bridges: these are restorative procedures used to restore damaged or missing teeth.
  • Dental implantation: this is a procedure to restore a missing tooth by making an implant into the jaw and placing a denture on top.
  • Aesthetic dentistry: this includes procedures designed to improve the appearance of the teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatment: this is a treatment aimed at correcting misaligned teeth and bite.
  • Surgical procedures: these include tooth extraction (including complex cases), surgeries to prepare the jaw for implants, treatment of periodontal disease and other surgical procedures.

Safety and Quality of Dental Work in Turkey

The safety and quality of dental procedures in Turkey are rated at a high level. Here are a few factors that confirm their credibility:

  • Licensing and accreditation: dental clinics in Turkey must be licensed and regularly accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health. This ensures that the clinic meets certain quality and safety standards.
  • Qualified medical staff: Turkish dental clinics are usually staffed by highly qualified and experienced doctors who have appropriate training and education.
  • Modern equipment and technology: dental clinics in Turkey use advanced dental equipment and technology.
  • Adherence to hygiene standards: dental clinics in Turkey strictly follow standards of hygiene and infection control protocols. This includes the use of sterile instruments, disposable materials, effective room treatment and adherence to infection control protocols.

There are also a lot of testimonials and success stories from satisfied patients from around the world. Patients who have received dental treatment in Turkey often leave positive feedback about the quality of services and the outcome of treatment. Dental clinics in Turkey are hospitable, communicative and helpful, making sure they meet your needs and expectations. For more details don’t hesitate to ask professional advice from specialists of Plastic Surgery Turkey Group.

Cost Comparison: Turkey vs. Other Countries

Many people from abroad go to Turkey to receive dental services because of big difference in prices. Let’s compare dental services costs in the USA and Turkey:


Average Cost in the USA

  Average Cost in Turkey

Teeth Whitening




$100 - $200 per tooth

$50 - $100 per tooth


$800 - 2,000 per tooth

$100 - 200 per tooth

Teeth Cleanings

$100 - $200

$50 - $70


$1,200 - $1,500 per crown

$300 - $400 per crown

Root Canal   

$800 - $1000 per tooth

$150 per tooth


$5,000 - $6,000

$700 - $2,000


$4,000 - $6,000

$350 - $1,100


But what makes costs dental procedures in Turkey so low? Here are some factors affecting the prices of medical services in the state:

  • Economic factors: the standard of living and cost of services in Turkey is generally lower than in some other countries, especially in Western Europe and the United States.
  • Competition: there is considerable competition between dental clinics in Turkey. This may lead to lower prices in order to attract more patients.
  • Currency override: sometimes the cost of dental procedures in Turkey can be lower for foreign patients due to differences in exchange rates and currency differences.               

Why Choose Turkish Dental Specialists?

Turkish dentists are known for their expertise and experience. Many Turkish dentists receive their education and training from reputable dental schools and institutions both in Turkey and abroad.

Turkish dentists are required to obtain a dental degree from an accredited university, followed by a period of internship and practical training. Turkish dental professionals often pursue continuing education and stay updated with the latest advancements in dental technology and techniques.

Turkey is also well-known for its state-of-the-art dental clinics and advanced dental technology. Many dental clinics in major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir have invested in modern equipment and facilities to provide high-quality dental care. Here are some examples of state-of-the-art dental clinics and technology in Turkey:

  • Digital Dentistry: Turkish dental clinics often utilize digital dentistry technologies such as digital radiography, intraoral scanners, and computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems. These technologies enable precise and efficient diagnosis, treatment planning, and fabrication of dental restorations like crowns, bridges, and veneers.
  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT): CBCT scanners are commonly available in Turkish dental clinics. CBCT provides 3D images of the teeth, jaw, and surrounding structures, allowing dentists to accurately diagnose and plan complex dental procedures such as dental implant placement and orthodontic treatment.
  • Laser dentistry: Many dental clinics in Turkey offer laser dentistry services. Dental lasers are used for various procedures, including gum surgeries, cavity preparation, teeth whitening, and treating oral lesions.
  • Sterilization and infection control: Turkish dental clinics prioritize patient safety and adhere to strict sterilization and infection control protocols.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, dental procedures in Turkey offer patients high quality care at competitive prices. If price, quality and expertise are important factors, you can contact Plastic Surgery Turkey Group that offers the best prices and high-quality dental services. Get a free online consultation on any questions and stay healthy wherever you are!