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Top 6 Best Outdoor Baby Swings Of 2021

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Choosing the best outdoor baby swing will help you introduce your little one to an adventure early, that too in the comfort of your yard! These outdoor baby swings help enhance the toddler's development growth and improve their balance, body control, building coordination, and strengthen muscles.

Nonetheless, due to the high availability, choosing or rather picking the best outdoor baby swing could be quite tricky and confusing for most parents. For this very reason, your own, Parenthood Bliss has curated this article here that not only helps you in choosing your best outdoor baby swing but also includes our top best picks of 2021.

(If you do not have a yard or don't wish for an outdoor baby swing, you could choose an indoor baby swing to help the baby's development too!)

What to look for when selecting the best outdoor baby swing?

Here are a few things that parents must keep in mind while they are selecting an outdoor baby swing for their baby:

  • Safety features - Always safety first! While you choose the best options, make sure to ensure that the outdoor baby swing features a seatbelt, shoulder straps, or a molded design of the swing, as per the age of the child.
  • Size of the swing- This depends on the age of your baby. So, while there are many options available for you, keep in mind the age of the baby as they all come in different sizes.
  • The setup - Now, the swing wouldn't attach on itself! This is why we need to keep in mind that the outdoor baby swing comes with a year setup to suspend the swing. ( In case it needs one)
  • Portable - Can they be attached to other things as well? There are chances that your little swing enthusiast might want the swing to be suspended elsewhere. 

Now that we are aware of things that are needed to be considered in order to choose the best outdoor baby swings, let's now get into the top 6 best picks from Parenthood Bliss!

6 best outdoor baby swings

Listed below are the best outdoor baby swings, however, make sure to go through it all and weigh the pros and cons as per your need and likeness to help choose the best outdoor swing for your little munchkin

1) Little Tikes Cozy Coupe First outdoor swing

Recommended age - 9 months

Cozy Coupe First swing features an adorable cute pink car body as a part of its frame that will for sure attract the little baby. It is of the perfect size for toddlers, has a high back seat, a buckled seat belt, and a rope that can be easily attached to any existing swing set.


  • Comes with a weather-resistant rope
  • Has a durable outdoor safe plastic
  • Features a steering wheel with a horn


  • The ropes could be smaller in size
  • The body can fade in direct sun

2) Little Tikes 2 -in- 1 Snug ‘n Secure outdoor swing

Recommended age - 7 months

This Snug n Secure Grow outdoor swing can be used for both, babies and toddlers as it can hold up to 50 pounds of weight. It features a T-bar crotch strap, shoulder straps, is durable and gender-neutral for the kids to swing in the outdoors.


  • Has a T-bar system for older children
  • Includes a durable outdoor rope
  • Has S-hook attachments 


  • The ropes could be very short
  • The plastic-make body could crack if exposed

3) Squirrel High Back full bucket outdoor swing

Recommended age - 6 months

This full bucket toddler swing is known to be a childhood classic and provides comfort and security for young riders. It features pinch protection technology, has a fully dipped chain, triangle attachment (preventing the little one from getting pinched in the chain), and is available in four different colors.

While the toddler would like to swing back full bucket toddler swing, the bucket swing also includes an extra-deep bucket, wide-leg holes, and won’t go out of style, at least in a few years.


  • Has a non-toxic and extra-durable seat
  • Is pinch protected
  • Includes strong and sturdy chains 


  • Is expensive
  • Has no seat belt included 

4) Step2 Infant to Toddler outdoor swing

Recommended age - 9 months

This infant to toddler swing is an adjustable toddler swing seat that is compatible and can hold up to a fifty-pound toddler. It features a shoulder strap, belt harness system to keep the toddler safe and secure, has a restraint system design that makes the swing easy to load as it is not a simple task when you have to lift a toddler up and buckle them, and is gender-neutral.


  • Is made from tough material and can be easily wiped
  • Is weather resistant
  • Has a durable rope that can hold numerous swing sessions
  • Includes a plastic crotch harness


  • The rope could be short for some
  • Buckles could be difficult to release

5) EcoTribe Wooden Horse Toddler Swing Set

Recommended age - 6 months to 3 years

This baby swing for outside from EcoTribe features an eco-friendly and versatile make that is chemical-free, comes in the form of a sturdy wooden horse-shape with cotton ropes, and can hold up to 44 pounds.

The seat is constructed using smooth and rounded birchwood that makes it safe, durable, and also leaves more space for the children. Its thick cotton rope allows an adjustment of about 2 meters that can also fit a tree swing.

This eco-friendly swing has a high-back bucket seat that further prevents the kid from any falls with a handlebar, good support for children ages six months to thirty-six months. So, whether your little one wants to swing indoors or outdoors, it's a win-win situation!


  • Features a horse shape
  • Is Eco-friendly
  • Would last a long time
  • Is easy to assemble 


  • If you plan to keep it outdoors only, there will be further proofing required 

6) Happy Pie and adventure swing seat set

Recommended age - 7 months

This is an indoor swing as well that can do double duty and comes in a unique canvas structure that provides extra comfort and can fit various sizes and ages. It features a strong cotton fabric that can hold about 50 pounds, has natural beech wood bars, adjustable height, and has high capacity carabiners too that is ideal for making your kid's swinging experience safe.


  • Includes wooden toys that are made using beech wood
  • It's perfect for both, indoor and outdoor use
  • The rope can extend from 49” to 57”
  • Comes in four colors


  • Has no seatbelt

To Conclude:

Keep your little one entertained along with adhering to the ASTM safety standards with swings on the market for outdoors. These are easy to clean, include a safety harness, and allow the baby to swing back and forth while developing their motor skills. We hope the list above will help you choose the best outdoor swing for your babies and toddlers.

FAQs: 6 swing sets for babies and toddlers

1) When can a baby use an outdoor swing?

A baby can use a swing from 8 months to 3 years of age. This is because the swings can only hold up to 20 kg

2) At what age are babies too big for a swing?

Each infant swing has its own weight limits, however, the general weight limit for a swing is 25 pounds. This can fall anywhere between 16 months to 20 months, depending upon the weight of the baby.

3) Why are swings good for babies?

Swings are an excellent tool to help calm fussy babies, especially in the early weeks, when your newborn baby has a disturbed sleeping pattern. It also helps the little ones enhance their development rate and strengthen their body muscles.

fashion ebooks

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