Is Body Identical HRT Safe As A Long-Term Measure?
September 22, 2022

Is Body Identical HRT Safe As A Long-Term Measure?


Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been quite popular among both men and women for many issues. It is popular and preferred because it has an easy procedure and gives effective results for specific issues in the body. Especially, during menopause, women opt for body identical hrt as a treatment to reduce or control menopause symptoms. Thus, to maintain overall health, emotional stability, and mental strength, bioidentical HRT can be relied upon.

During menopause, the female body goes through a lack of estrogen hormone which creates a lot of sexual, emotional, and physiological issues among women. Loss of libido, dry vaginal area, emotional instability and frequent mood swings, abdominal pain, headaches, fever, night hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, sore muscles, and joint pain are a few examples of the symptoms of menopause. These are generally caused by hormonal changes in the body at a certain age (roughly between 45 to 55 years), mainly due to a lack of estrogen production which largely regulates these functions.

In such cases, one of the most effective treatments is hormone replacement therapy. This therapy is mainly focused on providing the body with the needed hormones that naturally deplete with age. However, sometimes body identical hrt method is also used which is preferred by a lot of women. This method uses artificially created hormones, extracted from plants since they resemble the human hormones in chemical composition and functions. That is why these are known as bioidentical hormones.

However, there are many speculations regarding this method for menopause treatment. According to many experts, bioidentical hormones have not shown authentic results for long-term treatment for menopause. But they are highly effective on a short-term basis. That is why for instant pain relief or reduction of severe menopause symptoms, bioidentical hormones are used and given to the affected woman.

For making these plant hormones safe and effective for the human body, they are micronized in controlled environments to make them suitable for the human body. For instant reduction of menopause symptoms, micronized progesterone is prescribed to the patient. Similarly, estrogen is given through many ways such as oral pills, injections, patches, gels, or vaginal insertion pills.

Since hormones are responsible for regulating almost all functions in the human body from head to toes, it is, therefore, necessary to maintain a healthy balance of these hormones in terms of their quantity and level of production in the body. During the beginning of the menstrual cycle, these hormones are produced in an excess amount which is essential for the growing young adult woman’s body. However, by the age of late 40s, the hormonal secreting glands do not produce as many secretions as the body requires. That is why menopause occurs which marks the end of a woman’s reproductive capability. Thus, body identical hrt may also be needed during menstrual cycle irregularities at a young age, along with during the menopausal stage later in life.

Although mild symptoms of menopause can be tackled with medications for a short time, serious cases might require professional treatments including body identical hrt. This therapy has proved to be instantly relieving for the patient and is quite safe, although might not be much effective for long-term treatment. Despite some doubts, it is preferred by thousands of women and health professionals for a temporary and speedy recovery from menopausal symptoms and complications.