June 23, 2021


Ensuring proper care of your oral and general health is essential to improve your overall outlook. While significant actions such as brushing twice a day, regular dentist visits, and flossing are an integral part of your dental hygiene, your lifestyle also plays an essential role in improving your oral health. Smoking, diet, and consuming alcoholic beverages are capable of causing damage to your teeth, gums, and mouth.

Poor oral hygiene can cause mouth infections, gum disease, facial aches, and more complicated health problems like stroke, dementia, cardiovascular disease, oral cancer, and diabetes.

Considering that your oral health is associated with your overall health, it is vital to embrace specific lifestyle changes to improve your oral health and overall health. We have compiled some of the most effective changes you can incorporate into your lifestyle. Keep reading.

How Does Your Lifestyle Affect Your Dental Health?

People who are inactive and eat unbalanced meals are more prone to periodontal diseases than those who engage in physical activities and ensure healthy diets. Also, the chances of losing one's teeth are reduced in physically active people. The consumption of tobacco and alcohol also boosts the danger of tooth decay. By being physically active and eating healthy foods instead of sitting before the television for hours while snacking on junk food, your lifestyle will improve significantly. Both your teeth and your body will feel the positive impact.

• Ensure A Regular Visit To Your Dentist

One of the most critical lifestyle traits to imbibe is ensuring that you visit your dentist regularly. Dentists like Dr. Noie are often available worldwide for dental appointments. You can go for teeth examination and cleaning to improve your oral health, and by extension, your overall health. You can also schedule a pre-assessment check-up online with Earley Dental Practice before going to the dental clinic.  

Not only is it a perfect time to get a thorough cleaning of your mouth, but it is also an excellent opportunity for your dentist to detect health problems early. A dental examination will not only help you catch cavities and other issues, but it will also help to keep your mouth healthy. Preventing the need for more invasive treatments such as dental implants and providing the opportunity to undergo cosmetic treatments such as veneers London.

• Eat A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is imperative if you want to lead a healthy life. Foods that are high in sugar, such as candy and pastries, can cause tooth decay. It is essential to know that foods like cereal and pasta can hide sugars. Therefore, when you can avoid sugar in your meals, do your best to avoid it because sugar provides the mouth bacteria all they need to cause cavities and cause the teeth to be rotten.

If you are craving a sweet treat, stay away from sticky sweets because they remain on the teeth and increase the adverse reaction of sugar. As a substitute, you can replace sugar with artificial sweeteners considering that bacteria don't feed on artificial sweeteners as they feed on sugar. Another great option is a fruit because the fiber and water content help to decrease the harmful acids in sugar.

• Drink Enough Water

Drinking water is an essential lifestyle habit that every individual must encourage. It is a great tip to help improve oral health. Drinking water helps to get rid of the mouth bacteria and acid that cause decay. It also helps the mouth stay moist and prevents the multiplication of bacteria.

One practical tip is to rinse your mouth with water after consuming sugary foods or drinks. This practice will go a long way in eliminating particles and remnants that are capable of causing decay.

• Stay Away From Tobacco and Alcohol

Products that contain tobacco have damaging effects both on your oral health and your overall health. Asides from causing yellowing of teeth, they also put consumers at risk of contracting oral diseases. Smoking tobacco or chewing tobacco products boosts your risk of gum disease and cancer. Typically, most cases of oral cancers are connected to tobacco consumption.

Also, alcohol consumption can threaten your oral health—the more your intake of alcohol, the higher your risk. In addition, constant consumption of alcohol can lessen saliva flow, causing your mouth to dry out.

• Consume More Vitamins And Minerals

Ensuring a balanced diet is profitable for your health, and eating healthy will improve your teeth and gums, and overall health. Nutrients such as potassium, Vitamins D, K, A & C, calcium, omega-3's are all functional in improving your health. For your teeth to remain strong and healthy, you cannot undermine the benefits of calcium and phosphorus.

Here are some foods you can include in your diet to help you get enough vitamins and minerals:

  • Leafy greens
  • Nuts
  • Dairy products
  • Cold-water fish


Overall, your lifestyle plays a significant role in your dental health behavior, making it necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle. With the tips listed in this article, your dental health and your overall health will significantly improve. For effectiveness, you can begin to incorporate these tips from henceforth till they become part of your daily habit.