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How To Choose The Best Hair Transplant Clinic

If thinning hair and baldness bothers you, a hair transplant is a way to go. It is a surgical procedure performed only by qualified surgeons. The procedure of hair transplant involves harvesting grafts of hair from an area with permanent roots and then transferring them to the desired thinning or bald area.

To begin with, the surgeon cleans up the entire scalp, after which he/she injects local anesthesia to cause numbness so that you do not feel the pain. Then the surgeon carefully removes small strips of skin with hair, usually from the back and sides of the scalp, and implants them in the bald areas. 

A hair transplant also involves a few risks. Hence, it is best to consult a certified Hair Transplant NZ surgeon who has experience and expertise in the field. Consider the following factors before selecting a hair transplant clinic.

Hair Transplant Clinic


A hair transplant procedure requires the utmost precision and proficiency. If you are planning to undergo this treatment, it's best to do it at the hands of a qualified and certified doctor.

They have extensive knowledge and cutting-edge skills to perform cosmetic procedures like these. They excel at operative care. Hence, they are the ideal individuals for performing a hair transplant.

Safety Protocols

The patient's safety should be of utmost importance. Different individuals might experience different physical reactions after the procedure. You cannot always predict the individual's ability to heal or the reactions they might develop.

Therefore, the surgeons perform a variety of tests to make sure that the patient is eligible to receive the treatment safely. The entire procedure should be conducted only by certified doctors. It is essential for an individual to check if a particular clinic is duly following the necessary safety protocols or not.

Experience Of The Surgeon

Before choosing a team for hair transplant services, It is vital to look at their previous work experience and the results they have produced in the past. You could engage in digging some information about the clinic or its surgeons by talking to people who have already undergone the treatment.

You could consider their reviews and feedback and accordingly determine whether or not you should approach them.  Many clinics also upload before and after pictures on their website. If you get an opportunity to talk to past patients, you can ask them about their experience and clear off all your doubts.

Post-Treatment Care

The best hair transplant clinics will keep a check on you from time to time after the treatment. They will prescribe the right medication for maintenance post the treatment.

They might also call you at the clinic to ensure stable progress and check if the desired outcomes are achieved. A good clinic will keep the interests of their patients first and provide 100% satisfaction. If a particular clinic does not offer all these services, you should avoid getting the procedure done by them.

Cost Of The Treatment

Hair transplant treatments are quite expensive. Cost also indicates the quality of treatment and experience of the clinic in the field. Hair transplants involve the use of some highly advanced tools and equipment.

The equipment used abides by certain set industry standards. Hence, if someone offers a cheap hair transplant treatment, you should avoid undertaking the procedure with them.

An inferior quality service will not produce the desired results and will require you to re-invest in a better-quality service. To avoid all the hassle, select a hair transplant clinic that has the desired experience and provides top-notch services.

Initial Consultation

Face-to-face consultation with the surgeons will help you in knowing about the procedure. It also helps the surgeon assess your condition and determine whether you're eligible for a hair transplant.

You also get to know about the qualifications and their specialization. They might also introduce you to the techniques and tools that would be used for the procedure.

High-Quality Hair Transplant Services At Gro Clinic, New Zealand

If you are confused about your hair condition and need assistance and guidance regarding the same, get in touch with Gro Hair Transplant clinic in Auckland. You can discuss your hair woes with them during your initial consultation.

They will formulate a specific course of action according to your scalp condition. The procedure will only begin once the doctors are assured that you are a suitable candidate for the hair transplant procedure.

Each and every procedure is performed by qualified medical practitioners. Their techniques are unique and painless. They believe in producing long-term and natural results.

How To Choose The Best Hair Transplant Clinic