How Oral Health Affects Your Health And Appearance
May 14, 2021

How Oral Health Affects Your Health And Appearance

It is said that first impression matters. Whether you agree to this or not, you should take cognizance of your appearances in public, at least to a considerable degree.  We all feel good when someone compliments us, either how we dress, smile, or ‘carry ourselves.’ We often find that compliment ringing somewhere in our memory when we prepare to go out or pass the same area when we got the compliment.

This is the same for negative comments. When someone says something we consider bad about our appearance and looks, no matter how subtle or sugar-coated, we get the hint and the statement forever stays with us, depending on who said it, how the statement was made, our state of mind when the statement was made, etc. We could even slide into depression as a result.

When talking about appearances, there are different components, the ones we are quite accustomed to, which are our clothes and shoes, how we smell, how we talk and walk- our personality, and more.

It is a widely agreed concept that how you speak and your smile also make up a huge part of your personality. When you speak, apart from what you say, your dentition and the state of your mouth health matters.

A decayed tooth repels people and is bad for our self-esteem. A rotten tooth and bad breath say a lot about the traits of a person. The person will be considered as having bad hygiene, poor taste, and even more likely to lose a job in the case of an interview. Every aspect of oral health is important and should be paid keen attention to. Regular visits to dentists and dental offices such as Great Hill Dental can help your oral health a great deal too.

Relationship between your overall health and oral health

Most times, we assume when we have issues with our mouth or teeth, it just stays there. Despite scientists telling us that the parts of our body function as a whole and not as isolated parts, we seem to forget when it comes to our mouth.

When our mouth is not taken care of, the effects are felt in other parts of our body. Some effects of bad oral hygiene on your general health could include:

  • Not properly taking care of your teeth can lead to tooth loss: This is one of the major known effects of poor oral health. When the teeth are not properly taken care of, it is easy for the tooth to decay and easily fall off.
  • It serves as a gateway to other health conditions: poor oral health leads to oral disease, and oral disease increases inflammation in the body, increasing the individual’s risk of suffering from heart disease.
  • It could lead to diabetes, cancer as well as pregnancy complications.

Effects of oral health on Appearance

A good breath, bright smile, and a mouth that feels Nice is a confidence booster. When your oral health game is in check, you will have confidence speaking among friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. You will be confident in official and informal situations.

Secondly, it gives you the feeling of being healthy overall. Since someone whose oral health is on the low side will show effects of battling with oral issues

How to care for your oral health

  • Brush properly and regularly
  • Use scientifically recommended toothpaste
  • Floss regularly
  • Go for routine dental check-ups (at least once in six months)
  • Use mouth wash and rinse when necessary
  • Avoid sugary food and drinks (or reduce the consumption rate)
  • Consume foods that will help keep your teeth strong and healthy (fruits and vegetables are a good option)
  • Exercise your teeth with foods like carrot and nuts


Oral health is one aspect of our health that is often ignored, although its importance cannot be overemphasized. Indeed, human hygiene can never be complete when the oral aspect is not taking care of.

For starters, paying much attention to this aspect could be hard. But that’s why we have put in place this article on the effects oral health has on both your overall health and appearance. So when next you are hesitating on your dentist’s visit or even canceling it for a ‘more important appointment,’ remember that there are only a few things that can be as important as your health, especially your mouth health.

Surprisingly, the oral health of a person could also indicate the person’s socio-economic class as poor appearance, and poor oral health is generally associated with people from a low background

Finally, the mouth in the human body is the gateway to the gut. Whatever we take in through our mouths enters directly into the body system. This means that an infected mouth will pose a threat to our body system—another reason why it is imperative that we take care of our oral health.

How Oral Health Affects Your Health And Appearance