Medical Staffing
December 27, 2023

How Exactly Do Medical Staffing Companies Work

Healthcare organizations across America continue to struggle with worker shortages today. Finding the right individuals to fill open positions serves as a challenge, one that takes time away from other tasks, such as patient care. How can a company overcome this problem? Where might it turn for help?

Many organizations work with medical staffing companies to fill open spots. However, some companies shy away from doing so, as they don't fully understand how these staffing companies work. They need more information before committing to partnering with an agency of this type. Comp Health recognizes this and works with organizations to answer these questions and address any concerns. What should a company know before hiring an agency of this type?

Bringing Employees and Employers Together

One reason many healthcare organizations turn to medical staffing companies is they know that the agency will help them find the best employees for gaps within the organization. The agency works to find the right talent for each open spot. By working with an agency of this type, a healthcare provider can return the focus to patient care, knowing employment issues are being handled by professionals. The agency does everything from finding the talent to interviewing candidates. In addition, many agencies search nationwide for this talent, allowing an organization to attract more candidates. Doing so makes it easier to find the right person for each position.

The Screening Process  

Medical staffing agencies handle the screening process on behalf of their clients. A healthcare provider won't need to spend countless hours weeding out those applicants lacking the necessary qualifications, for example. The agency thoroughly evaluates each candidate and often does background checks. The organization may only find it needs to meet with two or three people to find one that fits well within its company.  

Reduced Costs  

A healthcare organization could spend countless hours and a large sum of money to hunt down top talent. Staffing agencies are already aware of this talent, as they have large networks. They know who is available, who may be willing to take a new position, and who is happy where they are. This information means time and resources are dedicated to attracting those who are open to taking a new job rather than those who have no desire to secure new employment.  This hiring process helps to reduce healthcare costs, which continue to rise rapidly.

Filling Open Positions Rapidly  

Healthcare organizations must fill open positions quickly. Failing to do so could lead to a decline in patient care. Working with a healthcare staffing agency allows open positions to be filled in less time. The agency has employees ready to start work immediately, as they have already gone through the vetting process. Certain agencies can even fill temporary needs on the same day. When multiple employees fall ill, the agency sends workers to cover the gaps. 

Medical Staffing Agency Fees

Medical staffing companies usually charge the healthcare organization a percentage of each employee's pay that they place. In certain cases, this fee can be equal to the amount of the employee's pay. This depends in part on whether the placement is temporary or permanent. Permanent placements usually come with a flat fee.

Consider the costs of recruiting, screening, and placing employees and see how quickly the savings add up. With the right agency, your organization will have the talent it needs while you focus on patient care. That care is always the most important thing.