Here's What Makes Green Malay Kratom Great
November 26, 2020

Here's What Makes Green Malay Kratom Great

Although people have used Kratom for centuries in Southeast Asia, it's a relatively novel health product in the West. But, as more people come to use Kratom as part of their daily health routine, they are learning what makes Kratom so great. 

One of the most popular and the most well-known forms of Kratom is the red vein variety. This is a superb strain with unique botanical benefits, including inducing a sense of calm and relaxation. While white vein varieties are known for their stimulating effects and help to improve cognition and focus. However, some of the best Kratom strains are the green vein varieties, which combine the benefits of both red and white vein Kratom. 

Within each strain type are different varieties which offer different effects depending on their alkaloid profile. Green Malay Kratom is gradually becoming one of the most popular of the green vein strains. Find out what makes Green Malay so great. 

Green Malay Kratom Great

The Origins of Green Malay Kratom

Kratom is a native plant in Southeast Asia. It goes by the botanical name Mitragyna speciosa and is classified as a tropical evergreen tree, belonging to the same family as the coffee plant. Indigenous people in Southeast Asia used Kratom in various ways, making poultices, turning the leaves into tea, or chewing the leaves directly.

Most Kratom begins as red vein leaves but is transformed through fermentation or exposure to UV light. Green vein Kratom is dried in a cool dark place, then finally brought out into the light for brief UV exposure to get the precise alkaloid profile that gives the strain its health benefits. 

Green Malay Kratom is just one of the common strains of green Kratom. Other green strains include Green Indo Kratom, Green Maeng Da Kratom, Green Borneo Kratom, and Green Bali Kratom. Each one is identified by its entirely green appearance, without the colored central vein seen in other Kratom strains. You can learn more about these green strains’ benefits and how they can improve your health by doing some basic online research 

Botanical Composition of Green Malay Kratom

Although Green Malay Kratom may look similar to other green-vein Kratom types, it has distinct differences in its chemical composition which account for its unique nature and effects. 

Phytochemical assay tests show that this green strain has a high alkaloid content, possessing a phenomenal 40 active alkaloids and a higher-than-average mitragynine content. They have identified that Green Malay Kratom grown in Indonesia’s Nibung region is exceptionally high in mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine—the main alkaloids that give Kratom its profound benefits.

Green Malay Kratom Great

What Makes Green Malay Kratom Unique?

Once you understand how Green Malay’s chemical composition is different from other Kratom varieties, it’s easier to grasp why it has unique benefits. This also helps explain why this green-vein variety is rising in popularity.

Green vein strains are considered, as a whole, to provide the best of both the red and white Kratom strains. It is an effective middle-ground between the two, and Green Malay exhibits this combination especially well.

Thanks to Green Malay’s unique chemical composition—the high alkaloid content—there is a smoother, more sustained influence than other forms of Kratom. Green Malay Kratom is potent, and its long-lasting influence is confirmation of this.

Green Malay Kratom boosts motivation and cheerfulness without overstimulating your nervous system, making it ideal for use before a busy workday or alleviating stress and anxiety before big events. 

Find a Trusted Source of Green Malay Kratom

Look for Green Malay Kratom from a Nibung cultivation zone in the South Sumatra region of Indonesia. This is where this form of Kratom is most potent and naturally-suited. Research the manufacturing company to ensure that harvesters follow a strict picking and processing protocol to produce the deep green shade of high-quality Green Malay Kratom.

Source a vendor that knows the value of providing high-quality products to their customers and is committed to various practices that uphold this superior quality. You should also check that their products are also third-party laboratory tested for purity and potency. Click here for high-quality Kratom that is safe, potent, and pure. 

Green Malay Kratom Great

Final Thoughts

Green Malay Kratom offers the benefits of red and white vein varieties, with a smoother flavor that is more palatable for beginners. It comes with a host of benefits that can help effectively address your personal wellbeing goals. 

Since this is a unique form of Kratom, with a distinct alkaloid composition, more and more people are discovering what it has to offer. If you want a potent Kratom strain packed with beneficial compounds and a gentle, sustained influence, this is the variety for you.