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Can Massage Make Arthritis Worse?

When suffering from arthritis, you may ask, can massage make arthritis worse? Not at all because massage aims at eliminating the pain that leads to body relief.

Arthritis is a condition that causes body inflammation making your body not function normally. People suffering from this disease can attest to having sleepless nights due to the pain. While medication is widely used as a form of treatment, a massage can work much better.

Massage is a technique that can be used to do away with muscle stiffens, making the entire body relax. Can massage make arthritis worse? Not possible because massage soothes the muscles and joints to ensure that your body gets comfortable. Massager for arthritis works excellently in improving flexibility by eliminating inflammation.


Can massage make arthritis worse?

Can massage make arthritis worse? it cannot because it works to relieve pain meaning arthritis will be no more. There are various massage techniques used to eliminate stiffness, anxiety and ease the pain. You will note that you will sleep better when you receive a proper massage, thus helping with arthritis pain.

Massage therapy can worsen arthritis condition only when the right technique is not incorporated. Getting a massage from an unskilled person will exacerbate the condition because they have no idea how to do it right.

If the level of pressure used is excessive, you will be in pain; that is why you should be massaged by a professional, especially if you have arthritis.

How massage works when having arthritis

To get the most out of a massage, engage a massage therapist who will offer professional help. A therapist will focus on the source of pain, and by doing that, you will experience pain relief.

Avoiding some massage techniques will ensure intense pressure is not exerted on sensitive tissues that may worsen the condition. Massage works by focusing on the source of pain, which brings about discomfort caused my swelled joints.

During a massage and you experience some pain, you should communicate it to your therapist to prevent the condition from worsening.


How massage for arthritis will benefit you

Massage should make your arthritis condition improve and not worsen it. You should not be wary of massage by thinking that it will accelerate pain.

Here is how massage can benefit you when having arthritis;

  • Reduce disease deterioration – Having massage consistently reduces the rate at which arthritis affects the joints. The more massage therapy sessions you have, the better you will feel. You don’t have to take pain medication because the pain levels will have gone down. Indeed, massage is a viable treatment option that works excellently to reduce arthritis.
  • Improved motion – When you have arthritis, you end up having stiff joints and muscles. This limits range of motion, meaning you will not be flexible to carry out your usual tasks. That is why you need to have a massage, for it works by eliminating stiffness, which enhances the range of motion, getting you back on your feet in no time.
  • Improved blood circulation – When your joints are affected by arthritis, inflammation increases, making you suffer from low blood flow. If your body does not enjoy proper blood flow, you will be exposed to having more diseases. To counter this, indulge in massage therapy to increase blood flow in your body.
  • Eliminates stress – The moment you are in pain, you are automatically stressed because of the discomfort caused. When your body is not healthy, you will be stressed as well. Massage therapy gets you out of the stressful state, and by doing that, minimizes inflammation. Your body will be relaxed, which is an excellent way to do away with stress.
  • Better sleep – Imagine the sleepless nights you encounter due to the pain of arthritis. You cannot have a wink of sleep when your joints are in pain. When you have a massage, you enhance sleep cycles because you no longer have pain, that is the cause of interrupted sleep.

What to do to ensure massage does not worsen arthritis

  • Communicate

If you feel any pain during a massage session, speak out. Never go quite because that pain can develop to something worse. Don’t tolerate pain in the name of wanting to get better because that may worsen the condition. We don't take in pressure the same way, so please let your massage therapist know if you are not comfortable.

  • Try acupuncture massage

Acupuncture massage works best for those having arthritis because it focuses on trigger points to ease muscle tension. This is the best way to get rid of symptoms linked to arthritis. Once you take full acupuncture treatment, you will start feeling better, and the results will show in no time.

  • Relax and avoid being worried

Arthritis can visibly affect precious parts of the body, which may cause you discomfort when having a massage. Because of that, you end up being uncomfortable, which makes the one handling your massage session, not do a perfect job. This means you will still be in pain because nothing much will have been done to improve the condition.

  • Go deep

You may think that light massage helps with arthritis; you couldn’t be more wrong. Exerting a bit of pressure leads to symptom relief. Firm massages are not painful; on the contrary, you end up having increased strength.

  • Use different tools

The right tools work excellently to eliminate pain along the joints. Using the wrong tools will worsen the condition, that is why you should be cautious. Try heat therapy that works remarkably well to ease stiffness through the use of heating smooth stones.

Final thought

Arthritis is one of the worst diseases that you cannot wish on your worst enemy.  It comes with excruciating pain that makes life around you seem worthless. The good news is you don't have to endure this condition anymore because massage therapy can help you out.

Massage plays an important role in your body, for it works on stiff muscles that contribute to arthritis. Can massage make arthritis worse? When done the right way, it cannot worsen the condition because massage is supposed to eliminate arthritis symptoms. Try massage therapy today, and enjoy the benefits it comes with.

Can Massage Make Arthritis Worse?