Best Supplements For Overall Wellness
October 14, 2022

Best Supplements For Overall Wellness

Health supplements are incredible tools that help people reach their health and fitness goals while also maintaining the non-negotiables of life. In all reality, a health supplement wouldn’t exist if people had unlimited time and resources. Oftentimes, the most oppressive part of a person’s health and fitness journey is the fact that they simply do not feel like they have the proper time to pursue it.

Investing in your health journey is something that takes some serious commitment and determination. It’s one of the best investments that a person can make but it also can feel overwhelming when faced with a crazy-packed schedule. When it comes to investing in your health journey, you have to remember that health and fitness look different for everyone.

Every person has a unique body, metabolism, and disposition. So healthy can look very different from person to person. Finding out how to be healthy and what that means for your body, is a big part of the journey. The bottom line is that everyone grows old and aging is a beautiful part of life. Investing into your health and fitness can help prepare your body for these natural changes so that you can keep experiencing a great quality of life through the aging process.

For the person who wants to start investing in their health, but may not know how to make it happen, health supplements could be a great first step. These supplements are typically packed with the nutrients that a person could get from their diet, but often don’t have the time or access to regularly.

So if you have been wondering what some of the best supplements for your overall wellness and health are, here are some to consider!

Best Supplements For Overall Wellness

1. MIO for Your Water

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a water enhancer, these supplements are designed for very specific purposes. Now, water alone is extremely important for a person’s personal health and wellness, so isn’t adding anything to it a little redundant? After all, there are sugars and caffeine in this enhancer, so is mio bad for you? Why is it used?

The purpose of a water enhancer is to do two things - first, it helps to get you out of a regular routine of drinking beverages that are unhealthy like soda, sweat tea, or even alcohol. Secondly, it gives you a boost of flavor and energy during the day that is healthier than a lot of alternative drinks.

This means that as a water enhancer, it’s made to replace that craving for a soda or an ice-cold beer, but it’s not meant to replace water itself. That means that using  MIO to transition off of unhealthy beverages is a great way to view this supplement, but it shouldn’t be something you add to every glass of water you drink. The question then, is MIO bad for you? is tricky. It has a great purpose and can be used to help improve your health, but shouldn’t be something you become dependent on. With sugars, caffeine, and artificial coloring, this should be used as a supplement only.

2. Daily Vitamins and Minerals

The body uses a plethora of vitamins and minerals, some of which you can only get in through your diet. This makes vitamins and mineral supplements a great way to boost your daily diet. The great thing about taking a vitamin and mineral supplement, whether it’s a capsule, pill, or powder, is that it’s so easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Once you’ve done it long enough, the act itself becomes a habit and you can supply your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Iron, magnesium, zinc, and more can be difficult to get enough through normal dietary sources, so a daily supplement is great. Getting a multi-vitamin supplement can condense this process down to one step which is even more convenient than taking various supplements to get the same effect. 

3. Collagen For Bone and Joint Health

One supplement that can help improve your whole body wellness is collagen. This protein is found richly in bone broth and animal and fish skin, however, these aren’t in most normal diets. Collagen has incredible benefits as it plays a big role in supporting healthy bone strength, mass, and joint health.

Collagen is a powerful supplement for helping your body recover. It has also been shown to help support stomach health and even has relaxing properties that may help improve sleep. The good thing about most collagen supplements is that they are flavorless and can be added to your favorite post-workout protein shake, or a refreshing midday smoothie.


Finding powerful, easy-to-use health supplements can impact the quality of your health journey in big ways. These supplements are designed to come alongside whatever schedule you normally keep, and give your body the nutrition it needs to achieve overall wellness.