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7 Benefits of Investing in a Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan

The last two years of the pandemic and the constant fear of further infections has badly affected our health and finances. Families and individuals have suffered major cash crunch due to job losses and wage cuts, while medical expenditures continue to rise uncontrollably. This has lead people to mainatin extra emergency fund cushioning in the form of health insurance top-up plans.

Whether starting a family or taking care of your senior citizen parents, a super top-up health insurance serves as an emergency fund— taking care of out-of-budget medical expenses. It is when your standard health plan runs out of coverage that the super top-up health plan comes into play. 

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A super top-up plan covers healthcare expenses beyond a yearly aggregate deductible amount, which is a pre-determined amount to be borne by the policyholder. Thus, getting a super top-up health insurance policy is a way to protect yourself when your standard health cover is completely exhausted.

Let's look at the benefits of opting for a super top-up plan.

  • Extended Coverage

  • By paying a slightly extra, you can extend your standard sum insured/coverage to meet the additional medical expenses that your fmaily might need during emergencies. More so, you can avail of advanced medical treatment and surgeries without worrying about the charges.

  • Flexible Deductible Option

  • The policyholder can select any deductible amount according to their medical budget and policy coverage. The higher the dedcutible you choose, the lesser premium amount you pay and vice versa. A deductible options is a unique feature exclsuive to a super top-up policy.

    No Sub-limits

    The best part about a super-top-up health insurance is that is applies no limits on specific medical charges like the ICU charges, room rent, doctor’s fees, and others. It helps policyholders avail of these facilities without any limitations.

  • Cashless Hospitalisation at a Network Hospital

  • If your current health cover does not offer better network hospitals, you should buy a super top-up health cover from an insurer with a wide cashelss hospital network. For instance, Care Health Insurance provides a vast network of over 19,000 cashless healthcare providers. It helps people to back their standard health policy with our super top-up health plan.

  • Tax Advantages

  • Just like your standard health insurance, you can avail of tax deductions by opting fo an additional top-up health plan under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. You can avail up to INR 75,000 by opting for a super top-up covering yourself and your family and elders.

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