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6 Types of People that Should Consider Taking Wake-Up Supplements

Wake-Up Supplements

For pretty much all of us, waking up can be painful. Day in and day out, we go to war with our alarm clocks in the morning, hitting snooze repeatedly and feeling robbed of the sleep we deserve. Fortunately, it is becoming easier to wake up painlessly thanks to the recent emergence of the wake-up supplement. The wake-up pill enables us to get a full, premium night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Keep reading to discover the six types of people that should really consider taking wake-up supplements.

But what is a wake-up supplement?

The B-Sync On wake-up supplement was developed to aid the waking-up process in the morning and leave people feeling well-rested and alert. The pill is the world’s first clinically-tested wake-up capsule, and the research shows that it can really transform the way you wake up, helping you feel sharp and energised after just one dose.

The capsule comprises four vital ingredients: caffeine, vitamin B12, vitamin B5 and Zinc. At 60 mg of caffeine, the wake ups pill is equivalent to an espresso shot. Not only that, but its magical blend of vitamins can combat feelings of weariness and bolster energy levels and cognitive performance, facilitated by Zinc, which also boosts cognition.

So, who would need this?

People who find it challenging to wake up on a morning

While there are many benefits of waking up early, getting up in the morning is no walk in the park for anybody. But for some of us, it’s even more of a battle. This wake-up supplement will work particularly well for people who really struggle in the morning with feelings of grogginess. Waking up will have never felt so easy as the supplement begins working its magic to awaken the body naturally and slowly while you’re still asleep. So, when the dreaded hour finally arrives and your shrill alarm clock sounds, it won’t be as difficult to leave the warmth of your bed.

People who rely on their morning coffee

If you are someone who leans on their morning coffee for that early boost of energy, the wake-up supplement will suit you to no end. As noted earlier, the wake-up pill contains 60 mg of caffeine, roughly the amount you would find in a regular cup of coffee. Having taken it just before bed, the pill kicks in after seven hours of sleep, thanks to its innovative delayed-release technology. You will therefore feel that caffeine boost before you even get out of bed to flick on the kettle, and you can forget about that morning detour to Starbucks.

Night owls

If you’re a night owl, your circadian rhythm will be out of sync with that of others. The B-Sync On supplement is a trusty solution to realign your circadian rhythm so that you feel sleepy during the nighttime and alert during daylight hours.

People who work the night shift

Times are tough, so it’s no surprise that people are increasingly accepting shifts at awkward hours to rake in that extra cash. Sleeping and working at irregular hours, however, can throw your circadian rhythm off track and make you feel sleepy during the hours that you need to feel most alert. You can feel groggy when you wake up at the wrong time and lack the stamina to complete your night shift. Given that they promote wakefulness, wake-up supplements would make a great addition to any night worker’s routine.

Very busy bees

Suppose you don’t go to bed until very late most nights due to a hectic social calendar, a strict gymming regime or you’re chained to your desk working until ungodly hours - the wake-up supplement will suit you wonderfully in any of these circumstances.

Not getting to bed until late is a recipe for a more arduous wake-up the following morning. Enter the wake-up supplement, which will make those early mornings slightly easier after late nights.

People with a goal of waking up earlier

Whether the reason for your goal is to get in some morning yoga, train for a marathon, prevent yourself from sleeping in late or fit in extra time to make a proper breakfast rather than sprinting out the door on an empty stomach every day, wake up pills can help you achieve any of these.

By simply taking a supplement around seven hours before you intend to wake up, you can squeeze more into your day and have an easier time waking up earlier.

Bottom Line

When it comes to your sleep schedule, you should do everything you can to ensure it is the best it can be. Making simple lifestyle adjustments, such as reducing your coffee intake late in the day, ensuring you get to bed at a decent, consistent time each night and getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night, can be the difference between feeling happy and hopeless.

If you have tried everything and can’t escape the difficulty of getting out of the blanket in the morning, you may wish to try wake-up supplements.


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