Why Pre-Shave Oil Is Essential to a Smooth Shave?
February 04, 2022

Why Pre-Shave Oil Is Essential to a Smooth Shave?

Why Pre-Shave Oil Is Essential to a Smooth Shave?

To some people, style is the blend of fashion, charisma, and grooming. The notion of style for men encompasses dressing to shaving. To be truthful, a shaped beard holds perseverance yet it yields phenomenal power plus perfection to men’s grooming and style.

If you are a busy guy who can’t visit a barbershop or a first-time shaver or escape shaving due to skin bumps\cuts or nicks. This article pertains to you. It’s high time to learn how to tame and shape your stubble to complement a fresh sleek look to your personality.

Pre-Shave Oil is the product that can revolutionize your shaving routine. Want to buy best Pre-shave oil of your choice, find a wide range of beard grooming and shaving products at The Henna Guys.

Why Shave at all? 

We may call it art when it comes to shaving and shaping the beard. It requires a lot of effort and a good amount of discipline along with a ray of experiments. Shaving is the real kick start of the day for a man.

Although we belong to a beard-centric world, shaving being a time-taking ritual, nevertheless the world is still full of chic, cleanly shaved faces or classy, disciplined, and designer stubbles.

What is pre-shave oil?

Why Pre-Shave Oil Is Essential to a Smooth Shave?

Pre-shave oil is a category often overlooked thinking to be of least importance yet it may perform wonders if followed consistently. Its name clearly defines its usage as “to be used before shaving”, “taming your beard or mustache” or to be applied on desired hair removal area.

Pre-shave oil at a glance

Organic pre-shave oil is a special blend of Mother Erath’s natural ingredients. It provides conditioning, nourishment, and hydration to both skin and hair. Pre-shave oil plays the same role as does the oiling to the scalp and hair. Pre-shave oil is helpful for a daily shave to shape beard practices.

Pre-shave oil aids to minimize chances of nicks and cuts as well helps to halt razor burns. It assists the razor to slide and slip smoothly on the surface of your skin to give a niche look to your whiskers and mustache. The addition of essential oil imparts an exhilarating scent which in turn is also a refreshing way to start the day.

How does Pre-shave oil works?

The right pre-shave oil can work as a miracle and magic for your grooming routine. The usual ingredients are Grapeseed, Avocado, Jojoba, Argan, Marula, and Sandalwood oils. The peculiar fusion of these oils lends a smooth flight to the razor over the skin.

Reason to use a Pre-shave oil?

Why Pre-Shave Oil Is Essential to a Smooth Shave?

  • It acts as a moisturizing agent for skin and hair.
  • It provides smooth shaving all the way.
  • Also treats acne and irritation. 
  • Can be a good base for making frothy lather.
  • Works equally good for wild and wooly beards or properly cleaned beards.
  • These are two-fer products (Conditioner and moisturizer 2-in 1-).
  • Pre-shave oil when massaged on beard bristles creates a silky surface for the razor to slip.

Benefits of using Pre-shave oil

The best pre-shave oil brings absolute ease to the tonsure world. Some of the benefits of incorporating pre-shave oil in your organic shaving regimen are enlisted below. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Acts as a moisture
  • It helps the skin to stay hydrated. It preps and primes the skin for the shaving process. Pre-shave oil softens the hair follicles of the beard, providing blades a smooth drift on the skin.

  • Acts as a lubricant
  • A good pre-shave oil rests on your skin as a lubricant. Its presence underneath your shaving cream and skin can deliver a smoother shaving routine.

  • Prevents razor burns
  • A razor burn-free shave is a dream of all men. Razor burns are a general concern for virtually all men that rip off the look of a clean shave immediately. If your shaving includes a good pre-shaving oil, it can evade irritation on the skin and razor burns because it primes the skin and improves the razor glide on the skin.

  • Protects the skin
  • A high-quality pre-shave oil can minimize the chances of nicks and cuts. It sits on the surface of your skin and works as a protective layer between the skin and the shaving cream. This extra barrier prevents the razor from cutting your skin in the course of shaving.

  • Two-fers (Moisturizer and Conditioner 2-in-1)
  • The pre-shave oil works as two-fers, that is conditioner and moisturizer. This makes it a favorite, space, and travel-friendly product. It is a must-have for people who don't like to clutter their bathrooms with numerous products.

    How to apply Pre-shave oil Stepwise Guideline

    • Clean your face: Before applying pre-shave oil you must wash your face. Make sure facial hair and skin are free of any dirt or skin sebum.
    • Dispense a few drops on the palm: Take a few drops between your palms. Rub your palms together to warm up the oil.
    • Pat Pre-shave oil into beard: Massage the oil gently into the skin and beard bristles in small circular motions for better absorption.
    • Let it absorbs: Let the oil be absorbed into the skin and the beard for a good 30 seconds.
    • Wash your hands meanwhile.
    • Apply the shaving cream or gel and enjoy a smooth shave.

    Recommended Pre-shave Oil

    • Pre-Shave oil -Unscented

    It is among the best-of-class. It is distinct formula as it is fragrance-free. It can prove good for acne-prone skin.  It has a blend of natural ingredients such as Jojoba, Argan, Avocado, Grapeseed, and Marula oils.

    It is made to prevent nicks and cuts that frequently emerge when shaving. It copes superbly with nearly all skin types.

    • Pre-Shave oil – Lemongrass and Eucalyptus

    It is an extraordinary blend of natural ingredients like Lemongrass and Eucalyptus. It is designed to soften the bristles of your hair to provide a smooth and close shave.

    No doubt the subtle aroma that Lemongrass and Eucalyptus creates will lend a manly scent to your overlook. This oil can be useful to improve the patchy hair growth of the beard.

    • Pre-Shave oil - Sandalwood

    Specially conceived for men with sensitive skin issues and shaggy beard hairs, bracing a rich sandalwood scent and the capacity to prevent irritation and razor burn, you may count it a decisive step in your shaving regimen.

    It can be beneficial for acne-prone and sensitive skin as it can keep the skin hydrated. You may also utilize it after your shave to prop up any nicks or bumps, and that’s a new version of your modish.

    • Pre-Shave oil -Geranium and Lavender

    It is a delicate yet intense and rich masculine scent of Geranium and Lavender, bearing the quality to soften the hair follicles. It can prove integral for a sensitive skin shaving regime. Apply it before the shaving routine and enjoy a smooth shaving experience.

    Why Pre-Shave Oil Is Essential to a Smooth Shave?