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Why Am I Spotty After Using the Best Acne Spot Treatment?

If you’ve been diligently applying the best acne spot treatment products you could find, but you’re continuing to suffer with breakouts, you could be forgiven for feeling that you’re just not going to get rid of the problem.

It can be really difficult to remain positive when you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on what you believe to be the best possible products without the results you expect, however, don’t despair, as there are some things that you should be aware of.

Even the Best Acne Spot Treatment Products Take Time

When your skin’s in poor condition, you obviously want quick results. So, when it doesn’t pan out that way, it can be quite frustrating when you’re still getting pimples appearing.

What you’ve got to remember is that acne treatment can take weeks or sometime months to work properly, so it’s important to remain patient. Just because it seems like it’s not working fast enough - doesn’t mean that it’s not working.

This is especially the case when using the best acne spot treatment at the same time as prescription medication, as this can slow things down considerably.

Are You Applying The Treatment Every Single Day?

Almost enough is not a phrase that means much when it comes to applying acne spot treatment, as even missing your routine for one or two days can hinder the intended improvement. Look on the side of the packaging your treatment came in and it will tell you how regularly you should be using it - and it’s important to stick to it.

If you’re missing days of your skin care routine and you’re not using the treatment as directed, you can’t expect the results you’re hoping for. Dedication’s what you need!

Most People Continue to Get Breakouts Initially

Another important fact to keep in mind is the reality of what usually happens when people start using spot treatments. The vast majority of users will continue to get pimple breakouts during the first few weeks, so you shouldn’t feel bad if this is happening to you.

What this absolutely doesn’t mean is that your treatment isn’t working, so you should persist, as the pimples you’re seeing were likely under the skin before you started anyway.

What to Do If It REALLY Isn’t Working

Ok, so even the best acne spot treatment products out there aren’t for everyone, as we all know that everyone’s skin is different. If you’ve already used your spot treatment for three months and you’re not getting any kind of improvement, then you might need to rethink.

It could be as simple as changing your medication, but it could also mean changing the product you’re using to something that better suits your own individual skin type.

Don’t Give Up - As You WILL Find YOUR Way!

Giving up on treating your acne isn’t an option, right? Ok, so with that fact in mind, all you need to do is find the right products and approach for YOU.

If push comes to shove and you don’t know which way to turn next, then you should talk to your dermatologist about your next steps.

It might take a few tries to get it right, but when the overall prize on offer is blemish-free, smooth, healthy skin, it’s got to be worth persevering.

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