What You Need To Know About Men's Skincare And Grooming Trends In 2022
January 07, 2022

What You Need To Know About Men's Skincare And Grooming Trends In 2022

As acclaimed American journalist, Joseph DeAcetis said, “...it’s time to give back your partner’s, sister’s, or mom’s skincare products for good. As a man, your skin is thicker, rougher, and has larger pores than a woman’s skin. That being said, you deserve a skincare routine that consists of products specifically formulated for your skin. In short, men’s grooming is a welcome change from the past.” If you can relate to these thoughts, read on to find out what exciting trends are awaiting in 2022. 
Men's Skincare And Grooming Trends In 2022

Grooming Subscription Boxes

We've seen subscription boxes for almost everything. Men often want to try new products but may not be interested in taking the time to research and try them out. Monthly grooming subscription boxes have already taken off in many other areas but will grow in men's grooming for 2022. Subscription boxes not only offer ease of use, they also allow users to provide their preferences and receive a tailored box monthly. Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club are a few of the options that are available today.

Skin Brightening and Repair

For men who may be paying attention to their skincare but have problems such as acne or other skin conditions, skin lasers are a popular treatment option. The effects of acne can linger so men who struggled with adolescent acne can use laser resurfacing to improve the appearance of their skin. This is also a good option for skin rejuvenation and brightening. It's becoming a popular option for men who want to have an overall better look to their skin.

More Men Will Be Wearing Makeup

Makeup hasn't made up a huge part of the men's market share in the past, but is expected that more men will be wearing makeup in 2022 and in the years to come. Most men in Asian countries such as South Korea and Thailand are already wearing makeup to even out their skin tone and define their features, and it is expected that this practice will soon be adapted by men living in other parts of the world, particularly in the West. Because of this, many brands have launched cosmetic lines which are customized for men. Brands such as Tom Ford, Altr London, Dior, Stryx, and The Ordinary, among others, have come up with foundations, tints, and concealers, and lip products that are commonly worn by celebrities. 

Caffeine-Based Skincare Products

Caffeine plays an important role in skincare and grooming. Many brands use caffeine as a key ingredient. Although you may be used to drinking it to perk yourself up, it can be applied topically as well. When used with masks or other treatments, caffeine contracts blood vessels, working to reduce inflammation and puffiness. It can also be used to tighten and brighten skin and is great for cellulite. As a popular choice for eye creams especially, you will find this in men's grooming products in the future.
These are a few of the top trends to anticipate for men's grooming and self care in 2022. While there may be others, these ones are anticipated to show up in the market in a big way. You may be surprised at some of these trends but many of them exist already. With a greater emphasis on looking good, men are paying more attention to their self-care routines.
Men's Skincare And Grooming Trends In 2022