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What Is Perfect Diary: Everything You Need to Know About His Product

One of the best cosmetic companies in China for millennials and Gen Z customers is Perfect Diary beauty and cosmetics, established in 2016. The company serves as a creative game-changer in the cosmetics field. This company's expansion has been so rapid it's nearly iconic. It made its runway appearance at Milan Fashion Week one year right after its founding;

Does the Brand earn the buzz and hype?

What is the perfect beauty makeup and cosmetics?

The Chinese cosmetics company Perfect Diary was founded in 2016 and targeted moderately wealthy women between the ages of 20 and 35. They launched an online company through Taobao and Tmall around March 2017. After six months, the beauty company presented three pop-up shops across Shanghai and then started its WeChat shop at Xiaohongshu.

This makeup sector has traditionally been led by Perfect Diary. This company was established in 2016 and immediately listed on the NYSE around 2020. This beauty and cosmetics company possesses a young, vibrant company that is quickly growing. To date, they already have 40 million clients globally and also more than 300 physical outlets. Once any desire for elegance is respected, the corporation thinks you can put the planet into a much better place. They are dedicated to creating various beautiful, innovative, and elevated items that are also simple to use. The company's goal is to make it simple for anyone to showcase and explore their unique glamour.

The capacity of this company to transform public activity into private traffic seems to be another aspect in which it excels. Their Guangzhou-based company initially urges clients to create their own WeChat accts to achieve this. Furthermore, in order to stimulate repeat purchases, they employ digital KOCs to assume the roles of cosmetic advisers and internet friends while publishing product evaluations and special promos. While Chinese businesses have traditionally utilized WeChat communities for communicating with customers, This company was the only one to allow private traffic widely recognized.

The Perfect Beauty Values

Their company not only focuses on high-quality lip gloss, lip tint, liquid lipstick, or other beauty products, but The Perfect Beauty also holds significant corporate values for the betterment of our society.

PerfectionThe quest for flawlessness has no bounds. Users may experience their own beauty in a way that goes above and beyond their expectations.


The discovery of perfect beauty never arrives at its destination. The perfect Beauty experience is easily accessible and will exceed your expectations.


Everyone is encouraged to speak their views here. They encourage us to recognize and celebrate our magnificence by providing consumers with exceptional, one-of-a-kind beauty items.


They cherish and cherish every person's individuality and celebrate the variety of beauty seen around the globe. They are dedicated to becoming a global image of grace and beauty.


They have partnered with prestigious corporations such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Chinese National Geography in response to the many beautiful cultures across the globe. They anticipate that the co-branded items would offer customers a fresh approach to cosmetics and encourage them to cultivate beauty.

Environmental preservations and Activities

The company promotes stable growth and the peaceful coexistence of nature and the world.

As a result of our partnership with Jiaqi Li, which started in February 2020, they will give 1 for each Explorer Puppy Palette sold to the Beijing Animals Rights Foundation.

In March 2021, they created and released a new product called the Red-crowned Crane eyeshadows, which was influenced by the threat of the extinction of red-crowned cranes. At that time, they started a charitable endeavor to raise money for the Red-crowned Cranes Conservation project. They guarantee that the packing material somehow doesn't originate from illicit forestry or threatened species via FDC ecological accreditation.

Sustainable Statement

With the Endless Cosmetics brand idea, they encourage the variety of beauty across the globe and respect and appreciate the individuality of every person. They are thus devoted to recognizing, supporting, and conserving the environment.

The promises they are now focusing on directly complement their original goal of improving the planet's genuine magnificence. They are on track to achieve their sustainable development objectives.


Perfect Diary has effectively revolutionized the Chinese beauty business and established itself among the most essential local cosmetics companies. The corporation learned so quickly that it had been able to stay up and compete with the constant changing in the beauty industry and attract the youth.