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Welcome 2018 With Continuing Beard Trend New Styles

It is NOT too late to grow a beard for the coming Christmas. Beard trend continues to be the fashion of men for 2018 with new perspectives and styles.

Young men are comfortable to go ahead growing a beard for their fashion accessory. Beards are a source of change and a powerful factor men using to show their identity.

During the past three years, beards were a trend among young men and adults. However, we used to change after a certain time, but now, beards will stay on our faces for an extra year.

In fact, this fashion was retrieved from the past 70s but with a variety of grooming styles and shapes. Furthermore, these styles now accompanied with tons of beard products, which help growing facial hair.

Many celebrities are growing beards these days, which make a boom of the trend among young men. We cannot imagine David Beckham without his stamp beard, as well as many other celebrities.

2018 beard trend styles

You will ask then about the most suitable beard style to have. As a result, we have collected all the promising beard styles for the coming year, and which of these styles will fit you better.

If you plan to change your style for the New Year festivals or you need a beard growth plan, these best beard styles will help you to choose what suits your face. Your choice should consider your personality and way of living as well.

Trending Beard Styles For 2018 #beards #beard

Short beards for a delicate looking

If you plan to have a quick beard style that will fit all occasions, a short beard will be the best solution. This neater version of the full beard will be your choice when you need a midway looking of a delicate man.

This type of beard style will help as a tidy, unkempt and comfortable option for busy persons. Short beards perhaps suit all face shapes, but it just needs some trimming to emphasise your face contouring.

If you have a long thin face, then will need to trim as much hair as you can from the goatee hair.

Leave the sides of your facial hair long to reduce the appearance of elongate. On the other hand, for round faces, it will be better to do the vice versa.

To maintain your short beard style, you will need some help of a beard trimmer to keep your facial hair no more than 1.5" length.

Try to choose a multi-function hair trimmer that contains an edging blade and a multi-guide combs kit.

You will need to trim the facial hair outside the beard line. Use an electric razor to remove any shaggy hair on the cheeks, and be sure that your beard line is well designed.

Do not shave the down side of the beard exactly on the jaw line, but instead, leave it until the end of the natural line of the neck.

Apply 1-2 drops only of a beard oil that will maintain and style the shaggy hair. After all, you should use a beard brush to keep your beard unkempt and tidy.

Trending Beard Styles For 2018 #beards #beard

Full beards needs time

Growing a full beard is one of the hardest choices, exactly like losing weight or staying on a diet. Your full beard will need more maintenance, as it grows thicker.

In addition, you may face more problems such as itching, dandruff, split ends and frizzing. All these beard related issues will need some care and maintenance, as your beard grow longer and thicker.

This beard type may fit all face shapes, but it will need some grooming to work. The oval face guys will face no problem at all to let their facial hair grow for a full beard.

However, all other types of facial shapes will find the matter noisy, because they will need a continuous trimming and caring to have the shape they want.

For guys with slim jaws, they need to round out the overall shape by keeping the facial hair longer on the sides of their faces. Nevertheless, if you have a round face, you can trim the long hair on the sides and leave the goatee grows long to obtain a craft design.

A full beard will need a thorough and accurate maintenance to have the beard style you expect. Leave it grow as much as you can…

This is the rule when you want a full beard. Do not trim any hair unless it will match the style and shape of your face.

As we mentioned before, use a beard trimmer on the areas that need trimming according to your facial hair type and face shape. Be patient… you will face a shaggy and unkempt looking in the beginning, but it is the normal case for all beard types and lengths.

Use a beard brush to style it and it will help in a tidier looking during the first stages of growth.

The best beard brush type is that recommended by some experts that is made of natural ingredients such as boar bristles and natural peer or bamboo wooden body, and free from any synthesised contents. you can read 10luxury.com guide to selecting the best beard grooming kit.

In addition, your beard will need some conditioning and smoothing. Use a beard balm or beard oil to keep your growing beard soft and conditioned. As well as, use a beard brush after oiling the growing beard to remove any dandruff or frizzing.

A beard brush will keep the hair well-styled and helps to remove dead skin cells.

Trending Beard Styles For 2018 #beards #beard

Stubble beard for a quick style

2018 will retrieve the old stubble looking beards for men who seek an awesome attractive style. A shadow beard is perfect for guys who try to express their active lifestyle.

This type of beards needs less grooming and care rather than a full or short beard. This type is the easiest one to grow or style if you want a beard.

Some researches and studies have found that most women prefer stubble beard style on men. As well as, the study finds that the sexiest gays have stubble beards or that shadow facial hair.

Most noteworthy, if you seek a sexy looking that will attracts men and women as a secret weapon, go ahead and try a shadow beard.

This type of beards is perfect with cute and baby faces. A shadow beard will make weak jaws attractive and stronger.

You will need to trim it and keep it neat with a beard trimmer and shaver. This stubble beard needs only from 3-7 days to have the growth length you want. The style that will fit your face will depend on the beard contouring. For round faces, the upper line of the beard should be low.

On the other hand, for guys who have oval or long faces, the beard upper line should be high to reflect a stronger looking. You will need to use a facial scrub to exfoliate the dead skin and keep it shiny and healthy.  

Trending Beard Styles For 2018 #beards #beard