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Trendy Beard Styles for Men

Trendy Beard Styles for Men 

A True fan of the beard will understand an important aspect of growing facial hair –choosing the right beard depends on a wide array of factors. You may love a particular style, however, the question is, “Does it suit me?”

To answer that question one needs to take many things into account, starting from the shape of your face, including the way you wear your hair, and often one even needs to consider the color of your clothes. In this post we will look at some of the trendiest beard styles and how to rock them.

Always remember that the right beard on the wrong face or mixed with the wrong hairstyle can make take an awesome patch of facial hair to below average.... and we don’t settle for mediocrity.

We like to think of the beard as represented by a family tree with three main pillars: the full beard, partial beards, and mustaches. There is also a fourth hidden branch that we’ll touch on shortly, but let’s look at the main branches first and some of their different beard styles.

Full Beard

Trendy Beard Styles for Men

The full beard is the most common branch of the family tree and encompasses a wide variety of styles, including the following:


Commonly known as stubble, scruff is a simple style anyone can wear. It doesn’t really matter if your beard is patchy or if it comes in thick. What it does is give a bit of texture and some grit. You’ll get this style by letting your beard grow for a few days and then deciding if you want to shave it off with a safety razor or simply trim it shorter. If you’re looking for inspiration you can also check Pinterest and search for short beard styles.

Corporate Beard

The lucky who can naturally grow a fuller beard are good candidates to show off the corporate beard look. Let it grow for a few weeks up to two months to reach the corporate beard length. You don’t want a lot of baby hairs sticking out, so this look is going to take a lot of maintenance, including frequently trimming the cheek line and neckline for a clean presentation, you’ll most probably be needing a shaving kit for proper maintenance. Of all the looks, this one generally requires the most attention and effort to keep it all in order. This look is also the most popular look in latest years, given men the opportunity to show off their manliness while also indicating a softer and more attentive side. 

Trendy Beard Styles for Men

Natural Beard

There is nothing overly complicated about the natural beard; just let it grow, it’s up to you if you want to do the odd trim or shaping procedure. And here’s a fact: the more you trim it and keep it in shape, the fuller it will grow.


Current trends seem to be leaning towards shorter beards, but the Yeard is definitely a move in the opposite direction. Let your beard grow for a year – or more –while keeping it relatively well-shaped and defined. This look is often sported by the typical Harley Rider. While they might look scary on the outside, they’re often confused and are actually genuinely soft and mushy on the outside. This is the typical look achieved through the masculinity of the “yeard” style.

Partial Beards


Sideburns represent one of the most popular partial beard styles and are well recognized in whatever shape or form they take. Most men keep their sideburns in check, i.e., don’t let them wander beyond your earlobes. Some opt for the full sideburn look in where the sideburn connects with your mustache. Or, you can let them go wild and become a full chop – like Wolverine from X-Men.


Ah, the classic goatee. Incredibly popular in the 1990s and still a favorite by many men. It’s one of the most popular styles and you really can’t go wrong with it. Either let it grow and become big and bushy, or try keep it high and neat. The goatee is no longer as popular as it was in the 1990s, but many men can truly own the style, including Robert Downey Jr. This look is often paired with the older gentleman who resembles a scene of nobility and honor through the sophisticated look of the goatee. There’s plenty you can do with a goatee, so don’t be shy to experiment with the fine details.

Trendy Beard Styles for Men

Mustache Styles

A mustache is considered a bold style to wear as it’s not as popular as it used to be. Mustaches were majorly popular during the 19th century – to the extent that curling irons were developed to help those you wore mustaches achieve that perfect handlebar look.

Trendy Beard Styles for Men


One of the most iconic mustache styles is the classic handlebar mustache. You can use mustache wax to get the curls a.k.a the handlebars, if you’re after the classic hipster look one might expect see worn at a fantasy steampunk convention alongside a set of Victorian era outfits coupled with a fake retro gun. This look tends to give off the impression of a humorous individual that many would not likely take seriously. However, when you consider the time and effort that goes into this style you might think twice.

The Cop

The cop ‘stache is probably the second most popular mustache style and is a go to. It’s not going to grow below your lips and you’ll want to keep it well groomed and tidy. Keeping the hairs short and neat is an essential part of successfully pulling off the cop stache. This look can also be associated with the iconic 19th century spy accompanied by a stylish bowler hat.

The Walrus

The walrus mustache style is yet another style that many will recognize quickly. It’s bold statement which is going to grow over your lips. It’s often recommended that you keep it “natural.” However, you also have a few other options when it comes to styling it, you can opt to grow the tips out or keep them shortly trimmed. Jamie Hyneman of the popular show “Myth Busters” has a fantastic walrus mustache.

Trendy Beard Styles for Men

Choosing the right style

Never underestimate the importance of going with a facial hair style that fits your genetics. The hand that you were dealt in your DNA often dictates the facial hairstyle you should consider. Some guys can grow full beards with no problem, others can rock impressive sideburns, while some can sport a mustache that raises the roof.

The point is, follow your strengths. Choose a beard, mustache, or sideburn style that works for you and don’t be shy to experiment with it. Keep searching for a style and look that works for you and stick with it.

Trendy Beard Styles for Men

Trendy Beard Styles for Men