Tips To Using Beard Oil For The First Time
March 25, 2020

Tips To Using Beard Oil For The First Time

A man, really, is a simple being but also a complex creature to understand. He’s simple in the sense that he likes to take things easy and is complex by virtue of the fact that he likes to do his simple things perfectly.

One of the valued possessions of a man is his beard. It’s one of the simple things he likes to have but the complexity behind it is the burden he carries of maintaining it and keeping it perfect.

If properly taken care of, a man’s beard can boost his ego, skyrocket his confidence, and even motivate him to tackle other difficult tasks like working on a new life-changing project.

If a beard has such a great impact on a man, it’s important then for him to know how to take care of it. As is always the case, you cannot take care of a beard without using beard oil. Every man with a beard needs to master the art of using beard oil.

So here are a few tips to using beard oil for the first time:

Tips To Using Beard Oil For The First Time

  1.   Take A Shower First

The most ideal time to apply oil to your beard is after taking a shower. At this point, the beard will be clean and the skin pores will be open. Dry the beard slightly with a soft towel before initiating the process of applying the beard oil.

  1.   Apply The Right Amount

The amount of beard oil that you use is determined by two major factors; the size of the beard and its thickness. This size and thickness, again, is measured by determining how old the beard is.

For a new beard that’s less than a month old, you can use 3-4 drops. For one that’s between 1 and 3 months old, you can use 4 to 6 drops and for one that’s between 4 and 12 months old, you can use 6 to 10 drops. If the beard is over a year old, you can use 10 plus drops.

Experiment with the above guide to find the right amount that is fitting for your beard size. After the first two or three applications, you’ll have found the right measure that’s suitable for you to use.

  1.   The Number Of Times To Apply Beard Oil

The number of times that you should apply beard oil is dependent on several factors. Keep in mind that the beard oils that people use differ so each brand will have its own specifications of application.

That being said, if you live in a humid area and have a short beard, you can consider applying beard oil, say, once in two days. If you reside in an area with a dry climate, you may consider applying the oil maybe twice a day.

The bottom line, however, is that the number of applications you consider as ideal for you is what you should use. It’s, however, advised by experts that the beard oil be applied daily to keep your beard looking great.


Don’t leave your beard unattended to. Take care of it as you would for something that has value. There are many beard oil brands available for sale in the market. Some are good and some are absolute trash. You need to give your beard the best.

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