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Tips for Smooth and Healthy Summer Skin

At last, winter is finally over and we can peel off all the layers. Naturally, we want our skin to look our absolute and radiant best when we head to the beach or pool party. This is fairly easy to achieve if you follow a consistent skincare regime that may just need an update for the summer months.

Treat Your Skin from the Inside

It cannot be said often enough: if you want smooth and healthy skin, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to both flush toxins and to keep skin cells hydrated, giving you that soft, supple, and radiant look. Eat to nourish your skin. This will give you a naturally healthy glow.

Focus on eating plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables. Berries and melons are also a great choice. Green tea, nuts, and whole grains also assist in keeping the skin glowing and extra healthy. Increase your oral intake of vitamins C and E, together. These work side by side and can limit potential sunburn from the inside.

Take probiotics to boost your immune system, improve digestion, and reduce bloating and inflammation in the digestive tract in which would increase healing your gut, in case you have it.. It is said that good health and well-being all come from a healthy gut – so treat your skin from the inside out. We all know summertime equals party time but make sure you get enough sleep to prevent your skin from becoming tired and dull. Try to limit stressful situations: this is sometimes easier said than done, but work on your self-care routine to create a holistic sense of health.

Keeping Your Skin Clean

Every person’s skincare routine is unique, but most people swear by washing their face a few times a day: first thing in the morning, after working up a sweat, and immediately before bed. You may need to change your facewash in summer, choosing one that draws out excess oil.

For brighter, smoother skin you should exfoliate approximately twice a week. This removes skin debris and should ideally be done in the morning before any applications of toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, or makeup. There are plenty of natural options available that you can make at home: like coffee grounds with oil and sea salt, or oatmeal with plain yoghurt.

Don’t Forgo Moisturizer

Even in the summer months, it is vital to use a moisturizer. It is recommended that, dependent on skin type, you use a heavier moisturizer in winter and switch to a lighter, non-greasy one in summer. One containing aloe vera is ideal as this has healing properties and stimulates new cell growth.

Night-time serums are like a magic potion to help regenerate cells. Choose one with antioxidant properties or ingredients that hydrate and protect the skin to boost collagen production. Make sure to take cooler showers as this helps to keep skin clear by decreasing your acne breakouts due to open and clogged pores. Moisturizer is best applied on damp skin.

Invest in Your Skin

Summer skin deserves to be treated royally. Invest in a quality toner that refreshes your skin. Sunscreen should be applied frequently, especially on the face and neck areas. Choose one with an SPF of between 30-50 to provide the best protection. To keep your face refreshed and glowing, carry a cooling mist with you at all times and spray liberally to give your skin a boost.

It is advisable to use less makeup as the temperature and humidity increase, allowing your skin to breathe. It helps pores to remain unclogged. Once a month, you should treat yourself and your precious skin to a facial or other spa procedure of choice. Massages, salt glows, laser hair removal, and seaweed wraps are popular among both men and women and these allow the mind and body to relax and rejuvenate.

To recap: stay hydrated, eat to nourish your skin, take probiotics, get enough sleep, and avoid stress wherever possible. Keep your skin clean and exfoliate twice a week. Never forget to moisturize. Make sure to treat your skin with toner, sunscreen, and cooling mists. You deserve it. Your skin will reward you with a smooth and healthy glow that radiates your state of well-being both inside and out.

Tips for Smooth and Healthy Summer Skin