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The Problem With Antonio Conte’s Hair

Antonio Conte is a man who has struggled with the familiar problem of male pattern baldness. This 49-year-old Italian is a well-known former football player for Juventus and was a professional football manager at Chelsea until recently.

There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding Mr Conte and Chelsea football club, and nobody knows for sure what will become of his career. There has even been speculation that he will return to Juventus.

Professional issues aside, Antonio Conte has had some problems very familiar to the everyday man.

Antonio Conte’s hair problem

In fact, like many men around the world, Antonio started to lose his hair quite drastically. Antonio looked for ways to solve this problem of his hair loss.

For a famous person, such hair loss can be a real problem because it not only makes the individual feel self-conscious but it also affects the image that they are showing to the world.

Consider that many celebrities also make their money by such public events as starring in commercials and you can easily see how a change to their appearance can be very detrimental to their careers and even their earning potential.

Antonio Conte’s hair solution

The solution for Antonio Conte’shair was to look into getting implants. Hair transplant surgery offers many benefits to men, including providing a more permanent solution since it uses the person’s own hair.

Near the conclusion of his playing career, Antonio chose to do something about his rapidly thinning hair. Apparently, the first two times he went and had the hair transplant surgery done, the procedure was not successful for some reason, so he eventually travelled outside of Italy to Canada to try again.

Antonio is a man who is well-known and his image is important to him, and no doubt to many avid football watchers who know who he is.

Where can men get hair transplant surgery?

Many celebrities and ordinary men have the same problem with thinning hair and receding hairlines, as Antonio Conte had with his hair, but you do not have to fly all the way to North America to find excellent hair surgeons.

In fact, there are excellent facilities and surgeons that do hair transplants in countries like Turkey.

There are many highly skilled surgeons who have developed excellent techniques for hair implantation so as to create an excellent natural appearance to the patient’s hair.

The Vera Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, uses advanced techniques and has some of the best people in the world to perform the procedures.

Cosmetic surgery is a viable option for all people, and why should men have to suffer from hair loss? It causes embarrassment and can even cause your head to be badly sunburned.

It is worth remembering that there are excellent options for hair transplant surgery in Turkey, especially for people already living in Europe.

Turkey is after all, not a long distance to travel to have such a medical procedure done, and it does not cost an excessive amount of money.