The Early Signs: How To Spot Balding Early
May 22, 2021

The Early Signs: How To Spot Balding Early

Hair thinning doesn’t start overnight. Male pattern baldness is a slow process and can easily catch you by surprise if you’re not aware of the indicators. However, if you manage to spot those early signs, you’ll be able to do something about your hair loss before it’s too late. Need a hand? We’ve brought together some ways to spot those signs and halt your thinning hair.

Keep an eye out for hairline changes

Every man has a different hair line. However, the most common places to discover your hair loss is either around the temples, crown or hairline. If you’re suffering from thinning, you may notice the scalp gradually appearing further behind the hairline, as well as bare skin where there was once hair. Hair loss around the crown will display skin around the swirl of the crown and often occurs further down the timeline. 

If you’re finding it difficult to spot those early signs, you’re not alone. It can be tough to distinguish between paranoia and reality, but there is a way to prove your hairline changes to yourself. Snap some photographs of yourself in the bathroom mirror every couple of weeks for a few months and you should be able to see some differences.

Make sure the room is bright and you’re in the same positions so you clearly distinguish your comparisons. If you’d prefer a quick fix, finding some old photos is also a great way of spotting those early balding signs. It’s worth noting that many men have a V-shape hairline genetically, so checking photos may put your mind at rest.

While this method is very helpful for double-checking your hairline, it’s not without its flaws. Hair can look thinner on brighter photos (most notably fluorescent light) and will make your hair appear more fair. Over time, reduction in hair density should become clear if the same light settings are kept.

Hair loss while brushing or in the shower

Ever felt your hair fall out while bathing? It's completely natural for hair to fall out while you’re in the shower or while brushing. In fact, the average person loses between 50-100 hair strands every day. Despite this, excessive hair loss that lasts more than a couple of weeks is a strong indicator of hair loss.

There’s no need to panic yet. Temporary hair loss can occur occasionally. If you’ve been suffering from an illness or jet lag, you may notice more hair loss than normal. Any clear causes that you can point to (especially stress) are likely to be the cause of your abnormal hair loss. However, if this lasts for more than a few weeks, it’s time to look for help.

How do I stop my hair loss?

It’s all well and good spotting your hair loss - but how do you stop it? Many men keep a stiff upper lip about their hair loss and put up with some of the difficult mental effects. Sons are a hair loss brand determined to break that taboo. Sons’ treatment plans can help men at all stages suffering from hair loss and include scientifically proven compounds such as Biotin, Finasteride and Minoxidil. 

In the end, the sooner you’re able to spot your hair loss, the faster you can do something about it. Take comparative pictures and keep an eye on your hairline to catch those thinning signs early.

Spot Balding Early