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The Best Man Bun Styles for 2019

The Best Man Bun Styles for 2019

When people saw this hairstyle for the first time being re-invented, many of them said it would just be a fad. However, that was not going to happen as man bun hairstyles have proven their staying competence.

These hairstyles are now competing in the beauty industry with the other famous haircuts such as undercuts and pompadours. So, if you have excellent hair, this hairstyle is the best style to choose.

The only thing to do is to choose the right version for you. Luckily we have all the trendiest styles and choosing one from these looks will be like taking a walk in the park. But before that, we want to dive a little bit into understanding this popular men’s hairstyle.

Though hipsters first wore it, it has become a mainstream style. Many guys are opting for this haircut since it has become so popular. But one thing we would like you to note is that the man bun can only be styled on medium or long locks.

It is achieved by pulling locks to the back or at the crown of the head and then holding them in position using a coil or elastic band. Here are some common styles. 

The Best Man Bun Styles for 2019

  • Classic Man Bun.

This is one of the easiest man bun hairstyles to achieve. The hairstyle is suitable to style on shoulder-length hair or long hair.  To achieve this hairstyle, you need to take the hair and draw it to the back and then hold it with a coil. While this hairstyle nowadays, it is no as unique as it used to be, many men still adore it since it is still quite fashionable and stylish. And above all, this look is quite practical.

So, if you are tired of your lengthy locks and you are wondering how to keep them off your face, this is an ideal style for you. You will not need to make trips to your barber, just understand how to hold your hair in position at the back or middle of your head, and you will have a classic style.

  • Mini Style.

Man buns are the best look for guys with medium-length locks. But what about if your hair length is below medium length? Well, a mini style is the best hairstyle to go for. However, that shouldn’t disappoint you thinking that you will not be smart. A mini style is incredibly stylish and a fantastic look you will like to keep wearing when you try it for the first time.

Just keep the bun low on your head so that the hair at the lower side doesn’t become loose when you pin it. 

The Best Man Bun Styles for 2019

  • Half Bun.

This is yet another classic and trending variation of a man bun. The half-bun incorporates the top half of locks which are styled into a bun while the remaining hair is left loose. This look can appear excellent on guys with either medium or long hair length.

However, if you are growing your locks, you can also style this look as it is easy to style and keep with short hair than with long hair. If you find that some hair strands keep falling off, you can use some hair products to hold them in position.

  • Top Knot.

This is another variation of a man bun that is styled at the top of the head. You can style it tight and for a sharp look or create it loose and shaggy for a more relaxed appearance. Regardless of how you decide to style it, the essential thing to note is where to place it.

To rock this look excellently, style your locks up into a ponytail before styling a bun. Ensure that the base of the ponytail sits well at the top of your head or a little bit higher.

  • Messy Man Bun.

For a more relaxed and edgy variation of a man bun, opt for a messy style. This hairstyle is suitable for guys who like a casual appearance but still want to look fashionable. The messy hairstyle is also ideal for gents with wild or wavy hair as the style uses the natural texture of the hair.

The Best Man Bun Styles  for 2019