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The Benefits of Organic Beard Conditioner

The Benefits of Organic Beard Conditioner

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You might have noticed a little trend going on in the men’s world in the past few years and that is sporting a beard. Short or long, plain or braided – yes, some men have mastered the art of braiding their beards, but that’s another story for another time – men seem to enjoy growing their facial hair and displaying their beards lately. Besides, from what we’ve heard, most women don’t mind it either.

If you’ve joined the beard wearers’ movement recently, you’ve probably noticed that it takes more than not shaving to have healthy looking whiskers. But since you’re a rookie, you’re almost certainly lacking in the beard care and grooming department.

Don’t worry about that, you’ll get the hang of it soon enough. It’s not rocket science after all. All it takes is showing a little TLC to your facial hair and a few simple tips that we’re more than willing to share with you.

Beard conditioner explained

We should start with the most important lesson of all: using a beard conditioner. To put it simply, beard conditioner might be the answer to most of your beard problems. We usually pay a great deal of attention to the hair on our head and use multiple products to keep it looking strong and healthy, so why should we treat facial hair any differently? Washing and conditioning your beard is an absolute must.

As the proud possessor of a beard, you know that facial hair is usually thicker, rigid and unruly, so taming it can be a headache. Beards can also become magnets for debris and odors if they’re not taken care of properly. That’s when beard conditioner comes into play to address all these issues. A good conditioner will nourish your beard, making it soft and supple and of course easier to handle.

Wondering what qualifies as a beard conditioner? There’s no specific formula used for beard conditioners. Basically any product that you use to soften and condition your beard can be considered a beard conditioner.

That includes shampoos, balms, oils or specially formulated soaps. Some conditioners are meant to be rinsed after application while others come in the form of a leave in products. Which type you should use depends mostly on personal preference.

However, not all beard conditioners are created equal. Organic conditioners are superior to regular conditioners as they are made with the high-quality organically sourced ingredients that are safe to use and offer a wide range of benefits as we will further explain.

It’s the quality of the ingredients that determine the efficiency of a product, so if you want to give your beard the best treatment possible, organic beard conditioners are the way to go.

Who should use a beard conditioner?

The answer is simple and straightforward: anyone with a face and a beard, really. But if you want us to elaborate on that, let’s throw in some details. You should use a beard conditioner if:

  • You have a beard – short or long, it doesn’t matter – or a moustache
  • You experience itchiness and/or beard dandruff
  • The skin underneath feels tight and dry
  • Your beard gets tangled easily
  • You want a smooth and shiny beard

The benefits of using organic beard conditioner

If you’re not convinced by now that you must invest in an organic beard conditioner, we’ll give you a few good reasons to consider it. Here’s what an organic beard conditioner can do for you:

  • Tangled hair is a common problem for beard wearers that can easily be solved with the help of an organic beard conditioner. An organic conditioner can work wonders for rigid and wiry beards. If you want to soften your facial hair, the best way to do it is by using a leave in balm or oil. In time, the texture of your beard will become smoother and silkier.
  • Organic beard conditioners such as goat milk soaps are packed full with nourishing compounds like vitamins A, D, C, B1, B6, B12, E and naturally occurring glycerin. They’re the best for keeping your skin and hair moisturized all year round. If you haven’t heard of goat milk soap benefits yet, it’s time to test its powers and introduce it into your beard grooming routine.
  • There are no harsh chemicals in organic conditioners, so you don’t have to worry about stripping your skin of its natural oils or dealing with irritation. They’re made with natural ingredients that are great for cleansing your skin and beard effectively, yet gently, leaving you with a fresh sensation. 
  • A lot of men experience itchiness and irritation after growing their beards. Thankfully, organic conditioners are amazing for tackling this kind of problem as well. Their superior formulation, including ingredients such as Shea butter, organic coconut, argan or jojoba oils can help soothe skin while also giving your beard a healthy shine.
  • If you suffer from a skin condition such as acne or eczema, the last thing you want to do is make it worse. A quality conditioner not only protects your skin from further damage, but many of the organic compounds it contains also have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can calm and improve the condition of your skin.

Beard care tips

Conditioning alone doesn’t cut it though. There are other aspects you should take into consideration when it comes to caring for your beard. As a rule of thumb, you should wash your beard at least twice a week to keep it in top shape. Obviously, if you do intense physical activity and sweat a lot, you should wash it more often.

You should use warm water and a gentle cleanser for your beard and after you’re done washing it, you can apply an organic beard conditioner of your choice. Leave it in for a couple of minutes and then rinse it or if it’s a leave-in product, gently massage it to reach the roots and cover your hair evenly.

Also, don’t forget to pay your barber a visit every now and then to trim your beard when you get split ends or when it becomes too unruly. That will definitely help you look well-groomed and polished.

The Benefits of Organic Beard Conditioner