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Spring Hair and Skin Routine

Isn’t that time of the year made us rethink our hair and skincare routines? Yeah, we’re talking about spring! As the months gradually shift towards warmer weather, it’s high time to brush ourselves up. 

New-season calls for revamping the parts of our hair care and skincare regimes. They need a specific change every time spring crops up! That’s why we have incorporated top ways to give you the most replenishing and healthy skin and hair. 

Without delaying much, let’s look at the useful spring skin and hair care routine to look radiant and fresh. 

Spring hair care routine

Step #1: Begin with a pre-shampoo treatment 

Using a pre-shampoo treatment before you wash your hair lets you regain the lost moisture from your hair strands. Do you have an oily or dry and flaky scalp? Start the process with any scalp scrub to exfoliate and eliminate flakiness. 

Step #2: Shampoo and Conditioner 

Do you know that your hair may need to be conditioned this spring? Selecting an appropriate shampoo and conditioner is the subsequent step to cleanse your hair gently. Pick any brand of your choice for a hydrating and nourishing effect. 

Step #3: Using a hair mask

After shampooing and conditioning your hair, using a hair mask will give you extra moisture, strength, and gloss. Various types of hair masks are available for color-treated hair. Therefore, a hair mask will help keep your hair luscious, vibrant, and shiny by providing the required nourishment.  

Step #4: Leave-in serum or conditioner

After going through the aforementioned spring hair care treatment, finish this off with a leave-in serum before your hair gets dry. 

Spring skincare routine

Step #1: Exfoliate your skin

Winter skin gives us dullness, dryness, and flakiness. We need to get rid of our dull skin before welcoming spring without any surprise. One of the best ways to eliminate dull and old skin is exfoliation. It lets your skin absorb skincare products efficiently. 

Step #2: Moisturize at night time

Spring might have a sultry atmosphere, but it’s not the case that your skin doesn’t need proper moisturization. Applying a body butter of your choice will leave your skin supple-smooth by providing an additional layer of protection. 

Step #3: Add an eye cream to your spring skincare regimen

Allergies result in swelling, dark circles, redness, and inflammation. All these conditions get worsened mainly in the spring. In this case, your under-eye bags look puffy, and wrinkles become more prominent. Therefore, focusing on effective eye creams having hyaluronic acid, delivers 24-hours hydration. 

Step #4: Ease off makeup routine with a BB cream

BB creams can hydrate, brighten, even out skin tone, and provide complete SPF protection. Therefore, using BB cream in spring will help you get a radiant complexion. 


With these top 8 hassle-free hair and skincare steps, you can slough off dry and flaky skin and achieve healthy and youthful vibes. Want more valuable tips? Follow us for more and if you know more steps like these, kindly share yours in the comment section!

Spring Hair and Skin Routine