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Natural Ways to Care for Your Hair

Care for Your Hair

Whether you have long, flowing tresses or a short, pixie cut, having a healthy head of hair is something we all quest for. Each person has different needs when it comes to their hair; some people find themselves locked in a constant battle trying to tame their frizz, while others try their best to keep their limp hair from looking greasy.

With the sheer volume of products on the market ranging from shampoos and conditioners to serums and sprays, all making promises to transform your hair, the process of making your mane more manageable can be overwhelming and expensive

No matter what your unique hair care needs are, each hair type will benefit from being well nourished and cared for. In this article, we will explore some natural ways to keep your hair looking healthy and strong all year long.

Coconut Oil

From blow-drying and perming, to straightening and relaxing, hair has to withstand a lot of extreme temperatures and chemicals at times. On top of these treatments, every head of hair has to deal with strong summer sun and the harsh cold of the winter which can dehydrate hair making it more prone to breakage. If your hair feels like straw and is dry and brittle at the ends, coconut oil may be just the remedy your hair needs.

Coconut oil contains fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that help to nourish your scalp, and unlike many other oils, is uniquely able to penetrate the cuticle of the hair shaft strengthening it from inside. This is due to its lauric acid content, which nourishes the hair and helps to protect it against protein loss.

Using coconut oil as a hair mask or hot oil leave-in treatment can help to moisturize your hair as it is easily absorbed. This can help with problems like dandruff and a dry, flaky scalp as well as split ends and breakage. In addition to helping a dry and lifeless head of hair, massaging your scalp with coconut oil can help to stimulate blood circulation which can support hair growth.

Rice Water

Rice water has long been used in Asian culture as a ritual for beautifully long, strong and smooth hair. This humble ingredient is packed full of essential nutrients that can benefit your hair including B vitamins, amino acids, vitamin E, zinc, minerals as well as a powerful antioxidant known as inositol.

Inositol is the active ingredient that gives rice water its potency and ability to support and nourish the hair. It has been shown to penetrate damaged hair strands, repairing them from within, thus making it a powerful aid for protecting your hair against further damage.

In addition to these great benefits, inositol is also thought to help with hair loss and encourage hair growth. Further benefits of using rice water for your hair include the following:

  • Detangles the hair
  • Strengthens hair
  • Makes hair smoother
  • Increases shine

One of the best things about rice water is its price tag. For a fraction of the price of most hair care products that claim to offer the same benefits, rice water costs considerably less and is also simple to make at home.


Eggs are densely packed with nutritional benefits for your hair such as biotin, vitamin A, D, E and folate. This hair superfood can provide an inexpensive and simple solution for many of your hair care needs.

Eggs are a great ingredient for boosting hair growth while also promoting the growth of healthy new hair. The abundance of protein within eggs helps to strengthen the hair follicles, hair roots as well as stimulate the scalp. This results in stronger hair that breaks less and is less prone to falling out making it look and feel thicker and fuller. In fact, egg whites are complete proteins which contain all of the essential amino acids needed. This makes them a great treatment for strengthening and building the damaged structure of hair making it look and feel stronger and healthier.

Egg yolk is particularly beneficial for moisturizing dry, brittle hair due to its healthy fat content. This can help to replenish the hair strands making them feel sleek and shiny. Egg yolk is also rich in lutein which helps to hydrate the hair and improve its elasticity. Its fatty content makes it an excellent hair conditioner which also protects hair from breakage and split ends.

As this article explains, there are many natural ways to enhance and nourish your hair which can be easily sourced and inexpensive to apply.