Most Important Hair-care Tips For Men
June 02, 2020

Most Important Hair-care Tips For Men

Simply because you are man, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put in time, effort, or money towards the maintenance of your hair. Though the hair-care regime for men and women is equally important, there are some variations in the two.

But, only if you care for your hair well, your hairstyle will last you a long time. It will also let your hair stay as good as you intend it to be. So, now, let us take a look at a few important hair-care tips for men.

First – Do not wash your hair frequently

One of the most common mistakes that most men make is washing their hair almost every day. Firstly, it is important to limit your hair wash to only twice a week.

Secondly, you should always use a conditioner after washing your hair. These two things not only promote hair health but also ensure that your scalp doesn’t lose its natural oil.

Second – Be gentle while drying your hair

When the hair is wet, it is not relatively weaker but also susceptible to damage. Thus, when your hair is wet, you should avoid rubbing it. It can promote excessive hair fall and breakage. Instead of this, you should always pat dry your hair with a soft towel.

Third – No comb over, PLEASE

It is okay if your hair is thinning. Roxy, who offers online assignment help services, says that when men experience hair fall, they tend to seek respite in a comb-over, and this is the biggest turn-off.

Hence, instead of a comb-over, you should rather head up to your barber and tell him to give you a haircut that looks ideal for the thinning hair.

Fourth – Pick a conditioner with egg in it

The egg is an excellent source of protein. Further, it has sulphur and various other essential minerals that your hair secretly craves. So, washing your hair with an egg or a conditioner that has egg in it can strengthen the follicles of your hair from within and promote hair growth.

Fifth – Keep your hair protected from chlorine

Most swimming pools have chlorine in them. This can be disastrous for your scalp. It can make the hair brittle and cause dryness in the scalp. Before you step into the pool, always get your hair wet with clean water and apply a mild conditioner on it.

This goes a long way in keeping your hair protected from the impact of chlorine. You should also wear a cap before entering the pool.

Sixth – Use as little products as possible

Do not apply a lot of hair wax, hair gel, hair spray, or any other unnatural product on your hair. It can make your hair look heavy. Even if you have to style your hair, use only minimum product on your hair to keep it protected from the damage.

Seventh - Only pick a clarifying shampoo

Over time, the product that you put on your hair can accumulate, and it can make your hair look lifeless and dull. Thus, adding a clarifying shampoo in your routine can do the trick.

It will remove all the build-up from your hair and give back the natural shine. At times, you can also use white vinegar to rinse your hair. It works excellently to balance the pH level of your hair. Of course, it sounds weird, but it certainly works.

Eighth - Do not shampoo twice

Wash your hair, but do not repeat the drill. It is one of the most common myths related to men’s hair care. I have seen a lot of television ads, where they tell you to wash, rinse, and then repeat.

Please remember, shampooing your hair once is just enough. However, always pick a quality shampoo. You should follow it up with a good conditioner.

Ninth - Limit the exposure to heat

Niketan, who offers online do my statistics homework services, says that the best hair advice he ever received is limiting the hair’s exposure to the sun and heat. It is so because, when you expose your hair to heat, it can cause dryness in the hair.

This applies to the hairdryers and the other styling tools too. Let your hair dry naturally. Though it will take time to dry, it will keep your hair protected from being all frizzy. If you have to go out, you can use a hairdryer, but ensure that the heat setting is at its lowest.

Tenth – Get a haircut frequently

To make your hair look organized, neat, and well-groomed, you should go for a haircut every 4 to 6 weeks. It helps you get rid of all the damaged hair and boost the hair’s natural growing tendency.

Employ these 10 tips and you’ll be blessed with silky, shiny, and healthy hair for a really long time.

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