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Men Who Travel Often For Work: 6 Mini Essentials For Your Washbag

Nowadays, more and more of us are travelling for work. Whether you’re busy meeting clients and company partners interstate or overseas, or you’re a digital nomad with the ability to pick up and move from place to place with your laptop wherever the wind takes you, maintaining personal hygiene is still just as important.

It can be easy to let good habits slip when your routine is broken up by a trip, and without access to your regular go-to bodycare products. But that’s not to say travelling for work has to mean sacrificing your grooming routine. With a well stocked washbag you know is always packed and ready for action, you’ll be able to drop it in your backpack or duffel bag at the click of a finger, and stay just as well presented on the go as if you were getting ready for the day at home.

Read on for our 6 must haves when it comes to packing a wash bag that’s well-equipped with all the most important products in easily transportable sizes, and you’ll be sure to keep on top of your selfcare even when travelling.

Mini Essentials For Your Washbag

Beard wash

Maintaining your face and beard is ultra important when travelling, as it’s the first thing people will see when they meet you. Skin can look tired and dull if not properly nourished, and beard hair can become brittle and dehydrated if exposed to dry environments, such as on planes or in stuffy rooms. Beard shampoo is an essential for men with facial hair, working to cleanse, soften and condition your stubble or beard - and ultimately easier to manage, crucial for when you’re far from your trusted hairdresser who can do all that hard work for you. Find a beard wash that can act as shampoo and conditioner, and wash your face with it each day as part of your shower routine.

The reason why it’s a top pick for our travel mini essentials? A beard shampoo can double up as a face wash, leaving your skin feeling clean and moisturised as well. They can also be scented, leaving you with a pleasant masculine fragrance drifting right under your nose. That makes it a 3 in 1 purpose product, saving you precious space in your toiletry bag for other essentials.


It might sound like a given, but your wash bag should always be home to a small tube of good toothpaste. Most hotels will be able to provide something at reception if it’s not already included in their amenities, but do you really want to risk it? Or have to go traipsing round an unfamiliar place at 11pm on the lookout for a convenience store that’s still open?

No one likes bad breath, much less talking to someone with it. If you want to make a good impression on someone you’re meeting for work, the quickest way to fail at that is by letting them know what you had for dinner the night before. Have a quality toothpaste on hand that you know you can always fall back on in an emergency, or quickly freshen up with when you get off a plane.


Another seemingly obvious pick, but one that can be easy to forget if you’re prone to leaving your packing to the last minute and jumping out the door with your toiletry essentials mindlessly thrown together. Buy a small deodorant specifically for your washbag, and you won’t have to worry about getting caught out on a hot day without one.

Roll-ons are best as they’re able to be taken on planes unlike aerosol cans that may get pulled out during security checks. Try to pick one that won’t stain your clothes, as travelling can often get a bit sweaty, and stay away from artificial ingredients that may irritate your skin if used frequently.

Hand moisturiser 

If you’re frequently on the go, your hands are probably being neglected more than you might think. Whether that’s from carrying around a heavy bag, frequently switching hotels with poor quality hand soaps, or being exposed to fluctuating temperatures that might be harsh on the skin, you might find your hands starting to feel a little rough if not taken care of properly.

Mini hand lotions are so easy to find from many trusted quality brands, and can be taken with you wherever you find yourself heading next. If your hands are feeling particularly raw, look for products with ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, and aloe vera, as these are particularly nourishing. Apply it liberally after washing your hands and before bed.


We all know how quickly the weather can change in Australia, even more so when you’re travelling between states or abroad. And if you’re working remotely, chances are you’ll want to go and explore your new environment on your days off. Once the sun comes out, you want to be protected from those harmful rays, and having a pocket-sized sunscreen you can quickly dab on your face is a smart way to ensure you’re covered from the UV exposure.

If you’re really short on space or restricted by strict weight allowances, a quality sunscreen for your face can normally work well as a moisturiser too. Just make sure you wash it off with water at the end of the day to prevent any grease from blocking your pores.


After stepping off a flight or long train journey, most of us want to drop our bags and jump straight into a shower. Sometimes that isn’t always possible, especially if you’re expected to head straight to a conference or business meeting. Grabbing a mini size version of your favourite perfume to live in your toiletry bag is an easy way of tackling this. You can often pick up free samples in shops, or they may be included with your regular sized purchase.

Simply spritz a couple of droplets on your wrists and neck, and you can walk into any room with renewed confidence. Having all your meetings through a camera? Spraying perfume can still have the same effect on how you present yourself, even if you’re the only person who’ll be able to smell it.

And there you have it, how to keep a well-stocked wash bag that’s as ready for business as you are the next time you find yourself planning a trip away. By keeping these 6 small products with you at all times, you’ll be sure to maintain high grooming standards whether you’re spending the weekend at a packed out conference or working remotely for months at a time.

Get your wash bag stocked and prepped for action, and remember to keep your liquid toiletries under 100ml if you’re planning to fly internationally.