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How To Sharpen Clipper Blades

How often do you sharpen your clipper blades? Do you know what the experts say about sharpening? Here are all the answers to your questions put in one place along with an effortless step by step sharpening procedure.

Coming to the point, for normal use of clippers, the experts suggest sharpening the blades every six months. But if you use the clipper in a barbershop or furry animal grooming salon, you must sharpen it more often whenever you feel the blades get dull.

Before sharpening, unscrew the blade from the device and then clean your clipper thoroughly first. Cleaning makes the sharpening process easier and quicker. For the whole process, you will need a sharpening stone and a piece of cloth or towel. The other two optional tools are a magnetic holder or a flat magnet and an 8000 grit fine honing stone.

Firstly, take the cleaned blade and for your ease, you can attach the base of your blade to a magnet. This helps you to avoid getting a wounded hand and dropping it. But if you do not happen to have this then use your hands to hold the blade firmly while sharpening. Be very careful to not get a cut in the process.

Secondly, you need a sharpening stone that can be found easily in the supermarket or hardware stores. Next, hold one side of the blade near to the sharpening stone making a 30 to 45 degrees angle.

Now you should start moving it to the forward direction only for 8 to 10 times and check if it feels sharp enough or not. Keep doing this till you are satisfied with the edge. But it should be sharpened nicely within moving it forward for 10 times.

Thirdly, flip to the other edge and do the second step that you have already done for one side of the blade. Remember to run the blade in the stone in only one direction which is to the forward.

For this, you can use a honing stone that has 4000 grit surfaces. However, if you are working professionally and feel the need to have finer and sharper edges you can take an 8000 grit surface stone after the primary sharpening. With this stone run both sides of the blade one by one in the forward direction for 8 to 10 times. The latter part is optional and you usually do not need to do this. 

Fourthly, use the towel to wipe off metallic debris that formed while sharpening and reassemble the blade to the wahl elite pro clipper like the original orientation.

Fifthly, apply clipper oil or mild hair oil to the blades and turn them on for a few minutes. Let the blade run for some time to avoid any imperfection during reassembling and for further sharpening.

Lastly, you are holding the freshly sharpened and cleaned clipper ready to use. Use it in the hair and see the difference. Also, you can follow these easy steps to sharpen them anytime you want and clippers as nice as a new one!

How To Sharpen Clipper Blades