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How To Properly Use a Beard Trimmer?

Using a beard trimmer in a proper way can provide you proper shaved skin and also protect your skin. Trimmer holds importance in a man grooming kit. Trimmer removes the hairs from the skin properly.

It also helps the user for close trim so the skin becomes clear and gives a best look. Although trimming the beard is not a tough process you just have to buy a best beard trimmer and check its user manual properly.

There are some tips and tricks for using the trimmer properly, we have mentioned almost all of them below so you can probably get the best guide for using trimmer from these points.

How To Properly Use a Beard Trimmer?

Buy the beard trimmer according to your needs

The first and mandatory point is that first check all your requirements and then buy trimmer according to them. There is no need for spending large amount on beard trimmer having a lot of attachments that are useless for you. 

The basic function of trimmer is that when you shave your face with best electric shaver after that trimmer trims and cleans your face properly. So don’t go for a product that doesn’t match your requirements.

Find Right Beard Length

Every person has different choice and standards of what look good in facial hair. For finding the length best way is first shave your face properly and then grow your facial hair once it reaches to desired length then decide that which type of trimmer you need for maintaining it.

Oil the trimmer

If you have trimmer in your grooming kit that needs oil for the sake of proper working then you have to make sure that your trimmer is oiled up properly. Use the oil that comes with the clippers of the trimmer.

After applying the oil on the trimmer blades use a dry cloth for wiping out the excess oil. Moreover, during oiling the clippers you have to make sure that there were no hairs stuck in the blades of trimmer.

Turn the clippers and drip oil in them and then move the blades to saturate them properly. After this process run the blades at least 20 seconds.

Start Shaving

After setting the trimmer for use now it’s time to start shaving process. If there is sizeable beard and you want to trim your beard down. Moreover, if you want shave the beard against the grain then your beard will grow out and down.

Clean the trimmer properly

After the usage of trimmer there is need for cleaning it properly. Because if you keep your trimmer clean it will work for you for a long period of time. Whereas, if you don’t care for the maintenance and cleaning of trimmer probably then you have to face many problems while using it.

After shaving the face trimmer release a lot of clippings when you have a lot of hairs. So while cleaning the trimmer keep the basket with you where you can throw that clippings.