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How To Get Clear Skin: Fast, Naturally, And At Home

Clear skin is what many people have until they realize that it’s gone due to hormonal or environmental reasons and issues. But, for many of us, getting clear skin is not that difficult, especially if there are no prior skin problems to deal with. And for those who have persistent acne, it’s important to talk to a dermatologist or other medical professional in order to find the root of the problem.

However, there are ways to clear your skin, and they all start at home. So if you’re thinking about doing something beneficial for your skin, here are some fast and natural at-home treatment options that might help you.

Eat a healthy diet 

What you eat reflects on your skin, especially if you love dairy, sugar, and fried foods. However, there’s no need to completely cut these types of food, but reducing their consumption might have really positive effects on your skin. For some people, these foods might not even be triggering, so the best way to learn is to keep a detailed food diary in order to find what triggers your breakouts. 

Always remove makeup 

Removing your makeup before bed is a must if yo/u want clear and glowy skin. Sure, sometimes you’re too tired to do that, but keep in mind that sleeping with makeup on can clog your pores and worsen your acne, while also contributing to premature aging. Therefore, be sure to take makeup off, regardless of anything else, and stay away from aggressive makeup wipes as they can damage the skin. Instead, opt for micellar water, or even better, the double cleansing method, as they’re safer and can actually remove makeup off your face. 

Use various tools and tips 

Sometimes, even the best routine needs some extra help on the side. Luckily, there are many useful tools, tips, and tricks on the market that can significantly reduce the appearance of acne. Electric cleansing brushes are amazing tools that can clear your skin even beneath the surface, so feel free to consider them if your regular cleansing methods haven’t been helpful so far. However, if you want to naturally exfoliate your skin, it’s best to use a hot towel for acne as it’s less expensive than going to the salon. Just keep in mind to do it carefully, and always follow the instructions in order to get the best results. 

Treat your skin gently 

Picking your skin, using aggressive skin care products, and touching your face excessively might be comforting or practical, but they’re very likely to make your acne even worse. Therefore, make sure to treat your skin gently, especially if you’re dealing with skin issues in the first place. Using quality products without harsh ingredients is a must, and rather than popping pimples, it’s better to use overnight treatments instead. Also, changing your bedsheets (especially pillowcases!) weekly is important, because a lot of germs and dirt end up there. 

Wash your face right after exercising

Exercise is important and can actually improve your skin, but in order to prevent additional breakouts, it’s essential to wash your face, right after exercising. Sweat tends to stick to your face and might contain bacteria that cause acne, which is why you should wash your face right after you’re finished with your workouts. This is a must if you’re engaging in intense exercises that cause a lot of sweating. 


Keeping your face clean is a prerequisite if you want to have a healthy and glowy complexion. But, a healthy diet and drinking enough water are other important factors that can contribute to the wellbeing of your skin. Therefore, make sure to implement these tips and possibly add some of your own, in order to make your skin look its best.

How To Get Clear Skin: Fast, Naturally, And At Home