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How to Get Certified as a Professional Barber?

Professional Barber

Are you someone who is creative and has a knack for hair? Then why don’t you think about becoming a barber?

As the beauty industry continues to expand, we are coming across more and more fields where people can test their skills and use their talent to make a career out of it.

Those working in the industry as professional barbers must have,

  • Solid customer service skills
  • Are more confident about what they do
  • Can create a welcoming environment for their clients

If you think you have what it takes to be an impeccable barber but don’t know where to start, this guide is just for you.

Everything You Must Know About Becoming a Barber

What does a barber do? Well, professional barbers specialize in cutting, grooming, and styling men when it comes to their hair and beards. Therefore, they don’t offer complex services. Previously, barbers typically performed simple haircuts and offered beard grooming sessions.

In recent years, barbers have expanded their services to include head and scalp massages, hair dying, facials, and neck massages. Some experienced and highly professional barbers even run their salons and have hired several small-scale barbers to provide customer service.

If you plan on becoming a barber on a serious note, you can enrol in a cosmetology degree and clear the licensing exam. There are various tips you can take advantage of to clear your test. However, the best advice we can give you is to take a free barber practice test to know where you stand.

Professional Barber

By taking these free tests before the final exam, you can prepare well and know your weaknesses to strengthen. Plus, these tests ensure complete training for the final exam, so you can ace it when that happens.

Becoming a barber isn’t that difficult. However, you do require a certification to work as a professional. If you have no idea how to take the plunge, let this article be the guide you need.

5 Steps to Get Certified as a Professional Barber

So, if you’re interested in becoming a barber, follow these steps to get certified.

Complete Your High-School

To get certified as a professional barber, you first need a high-school diploma, and you must be 16 years old to enroll in the program.

If you’re proficient in English and efficient in math, reading, and writing, that would be a plus for your career. However, you don’t have to fulfill any specific course requirements to enroll in a professional barber course because there aren’t any.

Fulfill Educational Requirements

There are different ways to learn to become a professional barber. Here are three prominent educational paths that you can take,

Barber Diploma or Certificate

They are the same qualifications, whether for a barber certification or a diploma. This program is lasts 4-6 weeks and only covers hairstyling and hair and beard care.

The course includes styling and cutting hair, grooming, shaving beards, facials, and hair care techniques. It also includes courses in salon management and professional development. Once you have been certified, you must obtain licensing from the state.


Professional Barber

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If you don’t wish to enroll in an institute, you can also work as an apprentice to an experienced barber or hairstylist. This is more like an internship where the licensed barber supervises you throughout your apprenticeship.

The time duration for this varies from state to state. But it usually lasts up to 2-years.

Cosmetology Degree

A cosmetology degree is either 9-months or 2-year long. Vocational, technical, and community schools or colleges offer cosmetology programs that you can enroll in. Even a few universities are now offering 4-year cosmetology programs that you can go for.

This is by far the most professional and highly-esteemed degree for becoming a barber, and it includes hair treatments, hairstyling, shaving care, chemical treatments, and beard care.

Some estheticians go for a cosmetology degree because it covers skin care, nail treatments, makeup, and much more. However, enrolling in a cosmetology program is the best decision if you want to enhance your skills and expand your business one day.

Take Licensing Requirements into Consideration

Before you start your journey on any educational paths we have laid out, you must research and determine your state's licensing requirements for becoming a professional barber. Then, to start your salon and work as a professional barber, you must pass a licensing exam approved by your state.

Every state has its requirements. However, the standard requirements include completing a 1200 hours course, working pre-determined hours as an intern, and passing practical and written board exams.

Renew Your Licenses When Needed

Professional Barber

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To continue your profession and run your operations smoothly, you may have to renew your license every couple of years. This will require you to pay the license renewal fee and prove that you are still completing your required credit hours.

You must retake the test if you delay your license renewal and get canceled.

Acquire a Professional Barber Certificate

Get recognized by American Barber Association (ABA) if you have at least one year of experience. This certificate is great and is recognized as a sign of a great barber. If you want to pool in more customers and ensure everyone that you’re a professional and experienced barber, get this certificate.

Final Thoughts

So, this is everything we wanted to share regarding how to get certified as a professional barber. As you have read, it isn’t difficult at all. You have to enroll in a professional diploma or a 4-year degree program and then take things forward.

Once you have completed your degree and have achieved the required credit hours, you can apply for the licensing after passing the practical and written exams. Prepare for your exams as much as you can and months before the exam date so you can pass with flying colors.

Becoming a barber is fun if you’re passionate about this profession. If you are creative and love the idea of hair care, then you will enjoy learning more about it for sure.

We hope this puts you on the right track to becoming a barber. Thank you for reading.


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