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How to Fade a Beard like a Pro

How to Fade a Beard like a Pro

I want to show you how to feed your beard any barber from the convenience of your home. We're shows interest I've learned over the years so you can get that perfect beard fade from home in just a few minutes of your time so for a beard fade with only to you're really gonna need is a good set of clippers and just as important as the clippers themselves it's gonna be the guards that come with it so for those of you that maybe aren't aware of what we're really looking to do here is just feed the sideburns from shortest length here at the top of the sideburns to gradually longer length as it blends into your beer the real benefit of this is going to keep the side burns from popping out over into wild.

Here gonna keep the cheeks a little bit tighter sing along the shape and give you a little bit better balance lock so one of the tricks that I've learned over the years is to what I call use a dry run or do a dry run with the guard before you hook it up to the clippers so for me personally I usually go with the for and what I'll do is does run up the side burn up the beard here and you can actually see all the hairs are going over the left this will give you an idea of what we're going to be trained and where they're going to be turned off before you come up the clippers and actually cut on.

So you see that's maybe a little too much you can adjust the 6 and see you know what's gonna be taken off their you always want to start a size up you can just because you can always take went off obviously you can't add back on all right so I got my clippers here with my guard set up and actually put a 6 on here which is a little bit longer than I typically go but to show you how I can start the larger here take smaller amounts off and then you can always adjust down.

So the guard on there again really just trying to clean up this operator yeah so I'm gonna start just right on this so I burn. In order to see how much kind of player that is just with a couple of quick little. Passes there. Don't go too low so that the thing here is you want to make sure that you know really stay here because these hairs that are attached to your actually fill in your beard a little bit lower shell. All start there and then just go a little bit tighter on the sideburns or drop down to fourth. 

And basically this on the side burner area. But if I wanted to you could take the 2. It can basically go click this upper section right here with the 2 so I kind of stages from 2 to 4 the kind of 6 here. It's really that simple brothers hopefully found this helpful as you can see in just a couple quick minutes it's going to clean this up keep it from popping out and looking sloppy like on this other side.

Step by Step How to Fade a Beard

There are four steps of how to fade a beard. You can apply these steps in your beard.

  • Trimming your Beard

Number 1 step is trimming your beard. Before beard fade you should wash your beard. Determine the length of your beard, then break out those great trimmers and set them to the desired length and get working. It is very important to get the entire beard trimmed first and leave the fade for last so it successfully blends right into your hair.

  • Begin at the Bottom

Number 2 step is begin at the bottom. If you have trimmed all that area of the beard, switch off trimmer length setting 1 or 2, and finish off the rest of the beard. Make certain to razor clean anything underneath Adam's apple to keep up with those fresh and clean lines.

  • Trim your cheekline

Number 3 step is trim your cheekline. Successfully trimmed faded beard, go for a crisp cheekline. Make a straight or marginally adjusted line from the lower part of your side consumes to the tip of your mustache. Rehash on the opposite side and tidy up the upper cheek region, again taking consideration not to poke the perfect line you have quite recently made. Assuming that you like to keep your cheeks regular, leave the cheek line however tidy up any strays on the upper cheeks. To go for a more natural look, use the trimmer with the guard off, and remove any stragglers that are keeping that area clean.

  • Trimming your mustache

Number 4 step is trimming your mustache. If your any mustache hair has grown over your lips then trim mustache hair. For a smooth look, trim the top line of your mustache into a clean line.

Why should you fade your Beard?

A beard fade usually starts with good trimmed sideburns, with the facial hair getting gradually longer down towards the chin and little by little. It has become a very important element in bear grooming. A beard fade involves trimming your facial hair in such a way that it creates a smooth transition between hairs of unalike length. If you beard is too long, curly and rough then you should fade your beard.

How to maintain the Faded Beard

If your beard is too long you can maintain your fade beard with the uses of trim. But you should trim your beard after 3 to 4 days. Trim your facial hair (and your facial hair blur) "at regular intervals," says Periera to keep it new yet in addition since it will make the blurring system simpler. "In case you go longer, you'll forget about where you began." That way you will not need to begin from ground zero each time. Also recall, careful discipline brings about promising results.


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