How to Cut Your Own Hair During the COVID-19 Pandemic
April 08, 2020

How to Cut Your Own Hair During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Cut Your Own Hair During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The hairdressers are closed for the foreseeable future. Here's how to cut your own hair during these strange times.

More than 3 million people have claimed unemployment in the United States since the coronavirus pandemic began. 

Both large corporations and small family businesses have been affected and were told to shut down—including your hairstylist. 

If it's been a while since your last trim, make sure you know what you are doing to avoid awkward haircuts. Continue reading to discover how to cut your own hair during the coronavirus outbreak without messing up! 

Start Small

If you want to learn how to cut your own hair because you are stuck in quarantine, you must start small. 

Both men and women should trim small amounts of hair off and then go over it again if it is still too long. Starting small is recommended because you can always cut more off, but you can't put it back.

Men should also start small, even if they think a shorter cut will be lower maintenance. To properly fade hair together, the pieces must be of different lengths. When you shave everything off, you may have to deal with stubble and uneven lines.

Many times, when people cut off too much hair, it is because they are trying to use a shortcut. Some women post videos online that include putting your hair in a ponytail and cutting it. This, unfortunately, is not recommended, because you will likely cut off more than you want, especially while reshaping it.  

If you messed up while cutting your own hair, you can check out a SugarBearHair review that will convince you to buy their hair growing serum. Otherwise, you will have to wait for it to grow back. 

Cut the Top With Caution 

Fading men and women's haircuts can be challenging, especially when you don't have enough hair to work with.

Before doing any trimming, take the time to look at your hair length. Take notice that the hair on the top of your head is often longer so that it can fully cover your scalp. When cutting your hair, you should also leave the top longer!

Avoid using buzz cutters on the top of your hair, unless you are giving yourself a buzz cut. Use sharp scissors that have been cleaned with alcohol while you cut the top and only do small amounts at a time. 

Don't forget, you can always cut more, but you can't reverse it! 

Get Help 

If you are trying to give yourself a haircut and don't want uneven lines or patches, you may want to get help.

Since the coronavirus spreads amongst people within 6 feet of each other, you will have to do this with someone you are already in quarantine with. Another household member can follow your requests and cut your hair in the back; otherwise, you will need a lot of mirrors. 

For anyone who is stuck at home and alone, you can get help from your hairstylist or technology. You can easily video call your stylist and have them take a look at what you are working with. Since they know your hair so well, they can walk you through the steps.

The best part about video chatting is that you will get to take your mind off of the chaos in the world and catch up with a friend. Don't be afraid to ask for help, especially during the coronavirus!

Cover Yourself

Think about the last time you got your hair cut. Did your stylist leave you in a chair with nothing to cover you up? Probably not. 

Just like you are getting a professional cut, you will also need to prep yourself. Before cutting your hair, grab all of the items you will need.

You should avoid wearing bulky clothing and sweaters. No matter what you wear, however, you still need to cover up.

You can use a thin sheet or towel around your neck to keep sharp hairs from scratching and stabbing you all day. To fully get rid of these pieces, you can take a shower or rinse your hair. 

Be Careful

It should go without saying, but while you are cutting your own hair, be careful!

The hospitals are packed with patients who have coronavirus. If you accidentally cut your ear off because you weren't paying attention while doing your hair, you will have to risk your health for help. 

Although most hair trimmings don't lead to cut-off ears, you can still get small cuts that can lead to stitches and pain. Make sure you use mirrors and that you are in a well-lit room. This will give you a full view of what you are doing. 

Thoroughly clean off your hair cutting devices before using them. Dirty scissors and razors filled with hair can get caught on other pieces and rip your hair out in patches. They can also leave uneven edges that don't look good. 

Beware of Bangs 

Bangs are one of the riskiest haircuts that you can do on your own while in quarantine. 

Many videos that have been uploaded to TikTok and YouTube teach women how to give themselves bangs. Some methods include using a bowl (which leads to the dreaded bowl cut) or twisting the hair that you want to become bangs and cutting it in one slice.

Unfortunately, not all methods will work for everyone because we all have different shaped heads and hairstyles. Don't assume that what worked for them will work for you.  

If you want to cut bangs, you should put your hair in your normal style and parting. Pull forward the front pieces; you can pretend you are going to poof up or tease it to help. Ensure that there is a clean line where your bangs will meet with the rest of your hair. 

Using your clean scissors, grab the middle section (between your eyebrows) and cut it at your desired length. From this point, you can angle your scissors down and out to give a face-frame cut.

Make sure you leave it a little longer. When styling your hair, it won't be wet and pulled down perfectly.

You may want to keep a water spray bottle nearby to help get a clean cut. If it looks like a straight line across, use your scissors upwards on the tips of your hair to help fade it together. 

Buy a Good Clipper

Men's haircuts rely heavily on hair clippers and razors. If you intend to use these while cutting your own hair, make sure they are good quality and clean. You should always get reliable clippers. Kamisori shears are high quality and will give you an accurate, clean cut every time.

When your hair gets caught in the razors, it can create uneven patches that don't look good. If your razors have rust or are filled with hair that won't go away, you need to replace them.

Not only can you end up with a tacky haircut, but you can also injure yourself and end up with cuts. 

Calm Down

It is easy to become overwhelmed in times like these when people are getting sick, losing jobs, and family members.

If you are planning to cut your hair, it may be a good idea to wait until you are calm and collected. Cutting your hair when you are angry, sad, or distraught can lead to mindless errors that can only be fixed with time.

Make sure that you are in a good mood and have a clear mind to concentrate. You should also never cut your hair in a rush. Take your time and be cautious so that careless mistakes don't happen. 

If you have made a mistake on your hair, do your best to remain focused and positive. Even if you have a bald patch, you may be able to come up with a solution. Freaking out and buzz cutting everything to the same length can lead to more problems. 

Worst case scenario, you will just have to wait for your hair to grow back while in quarantine. 

Learn How to Cut Your Own Hair During a Pandemic 

Many people are being affected by the coronavirus, worldwide.

With non-essential businesses shutting down, you may find yourself unable to get your hair cut. If you are in quarantine and desperate need of a trimming, there are a few things you can do.

You must take your time and think about what you are doing while learning how to cut your own hair. Try your best to cut off small amounts and work your way up. It's better to cut not enough rather than too much. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles with tips on how to maintain beauty and health during a pandemic! 

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How to Cut Your Own Hair