How To Choose a Makeup Brand
March 28, 2022

How To Choose a Makeup Brand

The cosmetic industry has grown so much over the last couple of decades, with more and more people pursuing ways to enhance their beauty by the day. Today there are thousands of cosmetic brands ranging from skincare to makeup lines. While the wide range leaves us spoilt for choice, it also overwhelms us with a decision to make- which brand gets to come home with us.

Shopping for makeup can be particularly frustrating for this exact reason, and it doesn't help that we have to weave our way through all the routine products from primers, concealers, foundation, and so forth. That's a lot to comb through. And yes, we know what some of you are probably thinking, "why put so much thought into it, it's just makeup, right?" Wrong. The makeup products you settle for dictate a lot; I'm talking coverage, finish, wear, and, more importantly, its effect on your skin.

How To Choose a Makeup Brand

Five tips to choosing your makeup brand

There's no science to it; finding the ideal makeup brand for you takes kissing a couple of frogs- there's no other way around it. What do we mean? Brace yourself for a couple of trials and errors as what works for one person might not necessarily work for you. Although this bit is valid, there are a couple of considerations you can make to ease your next beauty store trip. We break down five tried and tested approaches to effortlessly choosing a makeup brand that works for you and your needs; buckle up!

Understanding your skin tone

A perfectly matched skin tone is the secret to flawless makeup application. With over a hundred different shades and tones in the world, this can be a tricky one but don't fret; we've got you covered with a few essential pointers. For the rich-toned and highly-melanated category, brands with tan products are your go-to for that natural glow. Alternatively, pale and fair complexions are best suited by brands with a pink or peach undertone range of products. The key here is inclusivity; go for makeup brands that cater to everyone, like Mixed Up Beauty's makeup skincare created for perfectly imperfect skin.

Know your skin type

There are about five skin types in the dermatological world today; with each skin type comes distinct needs and traits. Correspondingly, when scouting for your perfect makeup brand, it is vital to match your skin needs to your product choice. For instance, sensitive-skinned individuals thrive on calming and soothing makeup products with no harsh chemicals; organic and natural-based makeup brands would be a perfect fit for them. On the other hand, oily and acne-prone skin works well with non comedogenic makeup brands and non-drying products. Make an understanding of your skin type before purchasing from any makeup brand.

Brand reputation

Sure, keep an open mind; however, brand reputation is quite telling. Carry out background checks on the brands you have your eye on; this will save you a lot. Join forums, and read reviews, feedback, and comments from people who've given the brand a try before making any purchases. Some brands, for one, are highly reputable for formulating mild formulas for allergen-prone skin; others are popular for the quality of their products. It's great to have an idea of what you're looking for in your ideal makeup brand before digging. Another vital thing to note is the ingredients present in the brand's product, ensure you only settle for the best quality constituents. Pro tip- anything carcinogenic should immediately disqualify the brand.

Don't settle yet

Don't settle just yet; this is a mistake most people make when shopping for a makeup brand. We recommend giving yourself a trial period for each brand, say three weeks; carry out patch tests, see how well the brand complements your skincare regimen and other products in your makeup routine before making up your mind. It is also best to go for testers first and not invest in value-size products. Finally, stay open to using more than one brand. Who said your setting spray and primer have to come from the same brand? Remember, quality over uniformity.

Summing up

Choosing the ideal makeup products for you might not be as easy as picking peaches off the grocery aisle; it requires time and meditation. For the most part, having an idea of what you want eases your way through the whole process. Don't be so hell-bent on buying that foundation your favorite beauty blogger won't stop raving about; instead, remain flexible and shop for your skin. We can quote trends as one of the most significant misguiding factors for people looking to buy into makeup brands. So, don't be scared to deviate from those high-end products everyone is obsessing over. If that drug store makeup brand so slept on works for you, go for it.