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Healthy Hair Tips For Men

Healthy Hair Tips For Men


There is a common misconception when it comes to men’s grooming, that they are not built to pay attention to how they look. This has never been so far from the truth. The modern man is as conscious about his looks as he would be about his hobbies and things that are dear to him. Men do make an effort to take care of themselves, especially the hair.

If you take a quick trip to any shop being run by a hair products supplier right now, you will be met by an impressive line up of hair products made for men. It is a market that has been growing steadily over the years, and soon enough, it may catch up with the beauty industry that has predominantly been female.

If you are a man looking to do something about your hair, the following are some lie-saving tips that may transform your life.

Use Conditioners and Shampoos

Healthy Hair Tips For Men


Forget all that talk about beauty products like conditioners and shampoos being feminine. From a scientific point of view, these products have been designed to provide the much-needed nourishment that your hair lacks. It, therefore, has a lot more to do with the general health of your hair than the perceptions that people may have.

Shampoos and conditioners serve a lot of purposes; one of them is keeping your hair clean, glossy, and strong. Another added advantage? Your hair will start smelling good.

Wash Your Hair Frequently

The only time water ever touches most men’s hair is when they shower or when they are caught in a storm without an umbrella. Stop treating your hair like any other part of your body; you should create a separate time for cleaning your hair, focusing all your attention on it. Use lukewarm water while at it and properly scrub it with all kinds of movements to get rid of any dandruff and dirt. You can do this at least three times a week for better results.

Avoid Chlorine

Chlorine is a bleaching agent that leaves your hair very brittle and pale. It is hard to come across chlorine other than when you get into a swimming pool. Avoid the ones with too much chlorine in them. Another way you can counter the effects of the chemical is by washing your hair with normal water and then applying a mild conditioner before jumping into the pool.

Alternatively, you can get a swimming cap that fits tightly over your head.

Cut Down on Excessive Combing

Healthy Hair Tips For Men


Combing hair is the only styling that most men know. It is the only other alternative aside from shaving off the hair completely. Combing does more than making the hair look presentable. It also uproots a lot of it, especially if your hair is already thinning. Therefore, reduce the number of times and the vigorousness you use to comb it. You can reduce the need for doing comb-overs by getting a haircut that accommodates your thinning hair.

Drop the Hat

Healthy Hair Tips For Men


Hats are stylish accessories that have been around for ages that are mostly worn by men. Unfortunately, hats are neither good for your hairline nor the general health of your hair. Wearing tight hats lead to a condition called Traction Alopecia, which causes hair to disappear from the edges due to the constant friction with the hat. 

Wearing a hat in hot conditions also traps a lot of heat that makes your head sweaty. If left unwashed, this could lead to a build-up of dandruff and an explosion of scalp infections. Give your hair the chance to breathe.

Perform Gentle Drying

Men tend to use a lot of force when drying their hair with a towel. Applying that kind of force using an object as rough as a towel will lead to hair breakage. Hair grows in a certain way on the head. Figure out the pattern of your hair then gently dry it following those patterns slowly. For the best results, simply blow dry your hair or dab the towel over it, pressing down to absorb the water—anything but vigorous rubbing.

Eat Healthily

Healthy Hair Tips For Men


Hair is made of living tissues and cells that also benefit from a diet that packs nutritional value. Increase your intake of zinc, vitamin C, and D, sweet potatoes, fruits, seeds, among other things. Hydrate regularly so that your hair does not lose that shiny look. Certain foods are known to accelerate the speed of hair growth, so plan your meals well, and you will start to see amazing results.

Always Consult with Your Barber

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No one understands the mysteries of hair better than barbers and hairstylists. This is why having a regular barber is very important; they get to understand your needs even better than you. Before trying out a new product, make sure you pass it by your barber for advice. Whether the product is good or bad for you, the only one in the best position to give appropriate recommendations is your barber. Never go rogue on your won, or you will regret it.

Understand your Scalp Type

Scalp types determine the type of product you use on your head. There are three main types of scalps. There is the Normal scalp that has the right balance of oily and dry skin. There is the Oily scalp that is naturally greasy, and lastly, there is the Dry scalp that is devoid of moisture, forever feeling itchy and dry. You cannot use oily products on an oily scalp as it would make matters worse. You should find out the type of scalp you have before buying any hair products.


Personal grooming is essential in men as it is for everybody else. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look and smell good, and all men around the world should embrace this. Your hair says a lot about you, therefore, make some time for it. You only need at least 10 minutes.

Healthy Hair Tips For Men


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